First Grow - Gold Leaf, Blue Dream, Skywatcher OG

Just the pheno type man, always an issue growing from seeds. Itll probably stay the runt of the litter but hopefully you can keep her going. I had a runt like that in my current lot but she caught up because i accidently underfeed my other plants :rofl:

That gold leaf is a freak though haha, nice growth for 6 days. Depending on the quality of your 300W Led it might be fine, the advertising on led’s is really confusing. Its more important to see the power draw from the wall normally.

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Thanks @gusanito the light I have is drawing 100w. Not sure how 300 goes to 100 :man_shrugging:t3:

Week 5 Update:

LOTS of growth occurred this week! So fun and satisfying to watch how these babies grow!

As I said last week, I got a new light this week (Exlenvce 1500W 1200W LED Grow Light). I think the plants are loving it! Producing the right spectrum for veg and covers a lot more area in the tent.

I also read and researched watering, feeding, and pruning so I feel like I have a lot more knowledge to be successful.

Yesterday I watered/fed them as follows:

  • Gold Leaf: 4L of water with 3ML/L each of Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow, and Bloom.
  • Blue Dream: 2L of water with 2ML/L each of Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow, and Bloom.
  • Skywalker: 3L of water 2ML/L each of Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow, and Bloom.

Trying to be conscious of how thirsty and hungry each plant is individually, hence the different amounts of water and nutrients, and don’t want to overwater again.

One thing, there wasn’t really any runoff from any of the plants based on those water amounts. Should there be? If so am I needing to water more? Note I am using 5G fabric pots.

Here’s some individual pics:

Gold Leaf

Blue Dream



Sorry, duplicated the BD pic

I’ll make sure to use better light for pics in the future. Can’t really see how spectacular these plants really are in this lighting.

Another thought, it has been hot AF here this week - per my SensorPush the average temp this week was 80F, humidity average was 71%.

Also, I have done some light pruning, mainly unhealthy looking leaves and clearing the bottom of the plant so that leaves aren’t touching the soil.

No topping yet, but considering doing it soon for the Gold Leaf. Any thoughts?

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water until you get enough run off to measure ppm, about 1/2-1 cup should be fine, so you can monitor your run off ppm and pH to determine how well your plants are eating their food. This will have to be a trial and error kind of thing.

For example, if youre using 4L (1 cup) of water for your gold leaf and not getting any run off, i’d use 2 cups, finish the first cup and add the second cup slowly. Here’s what i mean by slowly, use the first half of that 2nd cup and wait a few minutes. if there’s run off, see if you’ll get enough to be able to measure, if not then go ahead and add the second half of that second cup and see how much you get for run off

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Thank you @ashhhh!

I went ahead and topped the Gold Leaf plant. It was just growing so fast!

Here’s the top piece I removed:


Nicely done!

I topped my plants like this compared to yours :thinking:

I’m not sure which is better or worse, or its the same effect? Wondering if anyone could add some input :slight_smile:


Thanks I wondered if I had snipped too far down…

not really sure man, i havent done it before. 10/11 of the plants i topped like that sprouted 2 new sites, 1 just sprouted one new top strangely?

did you already see 2 new sites growing, where you topped, prior to snipping? @rygrowguy

Here’s a pic of how the top of the plant looks now, you can see two new leaves right next to where I topped - which you can also see right in the middle of the pic. Not sure if that answers the question or not

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Here’s a few more pics of this beautiful gold leaf plant


She was thirsty today, I gave her 5 liters of water with 4ml/l of AN micro, grow, and bloom. Watered until I had about a cup of runoff. Here’s the ppm reading, what does it mean?

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ppm stands for part per million, so this basically tells you how much minerals and salts are in the water

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You meausre the runoff so you can see tell how much the plant is eating,

If say you kept watering at 1500ppm and the run off was climbing, it would suggest you are overfeeding, if say the ppm overtime was declining you would then be under feeding it.

For the size of your goldleaf there that ppm seems about right.


Thank you both, will do a little more research now that I understand the concept!


@rygrowguy My pleasure. Check out my journal for more details about ppm. I dive into it right from the start as it was the biggest thing i was struggling with. Myfriendis410 explains it in details

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I fed and watered the other two plants today. Here’s some pics and PPM readings.

Blue Dream:


Check out the PPM for the Skywalker plant here at 2,010. Does that mean this plant has been over fed?