Skywalker Og, California Dream, Blue Dream and Gold Leaf

ILGM Skywalker Og, California Dream, Blue Dream and Gold Leaf

2.2mx1.2mx2.0m grow tent
2x 1200w Luma COB LEDs
4 inch extractor fan and carbon filter
5 inch intake fan
1x Pedestal fan
1x box fan
4.3kw A.C unit

The girls 16 and 10 days in


Ahhh Blue Dream…one of my favorite strains. They can get very tall in case you didn’t know. I have 3 that are between 5 to 6 feet tall.

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Sounds like a nice recipe, set to watching, very interested in these strains, as I have them all, good luck with the grow.

Did you grow them indoors or outside for them to get that tall?

I only grow indoors.

What size pots do you use for plants that size, i used 30L pots for my last Autoflower grow and they out grew them with 2 weeks to go. I bought some 75L smart pots for this grow.


1 week before i flip them to flower

Nice canopy you got going there, will be watching as I just picked up some blue dream seeds, I want to see how short you can keep them.

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Thanks mate. Hopefully i can keep it within a foot from the lights once they’re at the top of my tent

Was supposed to flip last week to flower, but as you can see in one of the photos, my mate took one of my 1200s and swapped in his 400, cos he didn’t want to flower under it. So im vegging until the 18th when his 1200 arrives. So hopefully i can flip on the 20th. Fingers crossed


Got any update? I’m interested to see how they’ve progressed

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