My first grow all for science

First time growing anything. A newb when it comes to this stuff. Just figuring it out as i go.
The orginal plant was started 10/12/19 so its definitely not the begining of the grow. Been reading through the forum for quite awhile. 1st post.

Its a bag seed and was told it was l.a. kush cake
Growing in foxfarm happyfeet
Using foxfarm trio nutrients plus boomerang, flower kiss, cal/mag

Using ph water between 6.2 -6.8 since beginning

Have 2 tents veg (3x3) and flower (4x4)
2 hlg 100v2
Also have a amazon blurple that not using atm
Veg is set at 24/0
Flipped to to 12/12 jan 3 2020



Thanks for checking it out. Will try to do updates on Saturdays. Might not look pretty but ole well. Thanks for any advise or answers.


They are looking good! Good luck with your grow!


Plant is looking good. Welcome to the forum lots of great people here.

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From the looks of your flower (last pic,) one would believe that you’re an old pro at this.

Looking good!


Looking good! Welcome to ILGM! :seedling:

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Welcome to the community, glad to see you have done some reading and have a handle on the grow looking goodđź‘Ť.

I noticed you said that you have two HLG 100’s V1, but I see one in the veg tent… Does that mean your only light in your flower tent? If so you will need more flowering lighting

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Welcome to the community and looking good.

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Yea just 1 in in the flower tent should i put the other one from the veg tent in the flower. And blurple in the veg. Next grow i want to get a bigger light but atm im just learning the ways

Looks good. I’m new also and started about the same time you did. I see you read up on flower and stripped it before. I didn’t read that part. Mines a jungle down there

What’s the yellow tag hanging from the lights

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It is sticky fly paper for bugs. I think i might have white flies but not positive. I see something eating the leaves but i see no bugs. I see something that looks like white powder and its not mold

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Welcome to ILGM! :v:

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Of your two HLG lights what are they and are they both the same?
3000k, 3500k or 4000k?
What burple light do you have?
So we understand all your lighting gear to best help you

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I have a 3k and 4k. My blurple is VIVOSUN 600W Led Grow Light Full…

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Leave the 4k in the veg tent put the burple in the flower tent with both switches on. Until you get new lighting that’s the best you can do.

Should be okay for the 1 plant but those in veg are going to be hungry come flower… And you will definitely need more light.

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I have 2 questions for you fellow geowers

  1. I’ve notice in the last couple of days the edges of the leaves in my veg tent are turn white. Does anyone know whats the reason for this and how to fix it?

  1. Ive notice quite some time something like powder on the leaves but unsure what it is. I sprayed it with a few different things. Im guessing it might be pollen or some type of pest but im not sure.

If you have a loupe collect a specimen and have a look? Powdery mildew is pretty obvious so I dont think thats it? Could be bugs but without magnification its hard to say? As for the white on the leaf edges??? Mystery, never seen that before. Maybe strain specific?

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I hope it’s not pollen that wouldn’t be good in the flower tent. I hope it’s not mildew either, neither one would be good…get some good pics up and everyone can chime in and help ya. You do look like ya got a green thumb though man. I wish you the best of luck and welcome to the room. Oh I kinda did a quick read but if you are gonna pursue it gotta get some more quantom boards. You sure did get some good lights so far though…


Well that tent that whiting of the edge of the leave. I noticed today that there is a powery residue on the light. So i cleaned the light and sprayed green clean on the plants to see what happens. I might do a flush this weekend but idk.

But on a positive note i think today might be my first day of flower.

If its pollen then its pollen. This was a bag seed. This was all for learning. And have learned alot from this forum and this grow. So i know what im getting into when i do buy seeds.

In regards of lighting. Is it cheaper to buy a couple of 288qb than to buy a hlg550. I dont really want to spend 1k on one fixture. Budgetled seem to be more reasonably priced.

Dude if that was all pollen you would definitely see some nanners popped open and you couldn’t miss all the male signs on the plant. But damn if it doesn’t look kind of like it and so much…???

I see hairs i see no balls i see maybe half balls. Idk what a herm looks like. Lol. I dont know where all that dust came from if its not pollen