1st Solo Grow: Fake it til you make it

New to the forum and to the grow world. I have a few friends that have grown for a while now and I’ve had the luxury of picking their brains and helping them with the girls for learning purposes but still have so much to learn.

After having this extra free time I ordered a tent, light, fan, nutrients, and other necessary equipment to get started while my friend started a couple clones of LA Ultra and White Rhino for me to get started with once they showed up. Due to Covid most of my equipment has yet to show up, and a quick sale of houses meant I needed to quickly move my clones since my friend had to move out so we’re starting pretty ghetto in the closet until the time being.

I will update as the days went and then go currently. This is such a fun learning process that will keep me busy for a long time i can tell.

Here is the first day bringing the plant home and starting her off. She was the strongest out of the 4 originally, but we lost the tags so now I am unsure of which strain she is (I know, dumb)

Light- 600w LED light
Medium- Coco + Perlite
Pot- 5lb fabric
Nutrients- Fox Farm Trio
window fan

And here are the mother plants for reference

now starts the learning and hopefully not messing up

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Fast forward a couple days. Temps at 62-72 degrees consistently. Humidity was low at first and stayed at around 45-50. Watering with 1/4 dose of fox farms, I have a EC tester coming but unfortunately the only thing I can currently test is the PH with test strips but have been giving her 5.9-6.3ph water.

She was looking healthy so I decided to top her after the 4th node and decided to stress her out all at once and bent her over at the same time. I did damage a fan leaf and had to remove it but I let her rest and watered her as normal.

Fast forward a couple days
Still giving the small amount of nutrients but still no equipment. Tent, exhaust fan, testers, etc all cancelled or stuck in limbo. She started discoloring on the leaves below and I tried to flush with ph’d water to see if she would come back, newer leaves were looking okay so I continued the feeding after that and continued to watch.

Temps were staying between 70-78 during these days but humidity was skyrocketing and once it hit 75 % I went and bought myself a dehumidifier. We are now back down at 50-55%

The plant shows slow growth during the next few days. temps and humidity are under control and lowest 2 leaves are still dry and slightly yellow but the new growth is looking okay. The 2 mains are sprouting off and the plant is starting to sprout up at the same time.

Hopefully within the next week all my equipment will eventually show up and I can properly diagnose. She’s not 100% happy with me but going to keep monitoring and hopefully I can get her straightened out.
My ignorance on coco coir had me not properly adding calcium and quite enough mag too so I have CalMag on its way asap to help too

This pic is this morning. Lighting doesnt help but bottom most leave is getting pretty yellow and small spots. I have General Hyrdroponics nutrients coming now in case it keeps getting worse I can switch it over.

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You have cool friends that gave you an amazing head start. All I got was a couple of seeds and I thought ‘I wonder if these would grow?” Ha haha!

Great start. I’m gonna tag along.

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Man it seems like ur friends got u off to a good start, really seems like u got everything covered with a good working knowledge of things

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My darling bag seed is 36 days from sprout unknown strain (smokes hella). It started out in a solo under a uv bulb and sitting in the window in the light. I then used a rather large box then lined it with aluminum foil put veg plant light on and still currently on. I’m trying to be patient and wait for my order for new lights it’s out growing the box. Next move is to the closet (ghetto) :joy: but hey it will work. Now if my lights will show up…

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Meet Miracle :blush:


Awesome start!!

Interested to see how that light performs. I’ll tag along if you don’t mind.:v::sunglasses:

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I have a little cardboard setup with tin foil as well for now haha. Waiting for things has been the hardest part so I completely understand where you are at as im not very patient either. I should have had everything almost a month ago so just a little frustrating but such is life. Your plant looks pretty happy and hopefully that light gets there soon, cheers!


What kind of light did u get?

@Littleflowerbud, nothing wrong with getto, I am doing the same lol.


Light is a keegrow 600w which is what the mother plants ran under but two lights per plant and seemed to do well under them

I started with something similar, it worked ok, I switched to hlg lights n am much happier…what size tent do u have ordered? And I feel ya on the wait, I like to online shop to n covid-19 is making it hard lol

Or hillbilly style growing over here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@LAnewgrower @Littleflowerbud I love seeing everyone’s “ghetto” ideas. That’s where I get my best ghetto ideas. Here’s my seedling box made from a USPS box and aluminum foil.


Same here although my box is enclosed with top open for lighting then I cover with a towel :joy: :grin:


I have this grow light being shipped to me from China on wish app… plan to use it for one plant. Are they any effective at all during veg or flower stage? Mine should arrive in a few more days, would you say I would be happy with it? Are you happy with these lights?

I will probably be switching to a different light or adding another of these before flowering (if all goes well) but I can’t complain currently as its doing its job.

I’ll be working off a 4x4 tent and will have a ac infinity 6" in it if they ever show up…

I didn’t mean anything negative about the ghetto comment either, ive seen some awesome looking grows done with very minimal equipment and turn out great.


@OlyBoy98503 you and I think alike, started in a box, then moved to a little closet. Working on a bigger grow room now. Slowly but surely I will get there.


My ghetto seed nursery lol

I just cleared out the bottom of my linen closet haha


It’s amazing what space can be found in the home when growing becomes a priority. :joy: