Wedding Cake auto flower. Help needed

Greeting everyone. Hope i can get a good response here to ease my worries. I planted a wedding cheese cake strain seed . And is day 9 after coming out of ground . And the plant seems so small. The stem looks great and the colors are on point. But is just slowly growing. I have seen other grows at day 9, much bigger than mines. Hope i can get a good answer here and try to correct the issue. I currently have a giixer led light ( supposedly a 1k watt light). I been using both lights on veggie and flowering at a distance of 25 inches. here are some images from day one till today …
day 1

day 2




day 6


day 8


day 10

I keep getting the lights closer to see if it improves the situation. Maybe is a slow grow. Have no idea. Any help will be awesome… thank you …


@Randyrican High again lol!! Your little lady looks perfectly fine. She’s probably just getting her root system under her and will take off soon enough!! :smile:


I was going to jump on also I know they seem like they stall but once the tap root hits bottom watch out they will be going crazy, I start mine in solo cups to get a good root ball which doesnt take long, then transplant them they slow down until her roots bottom out.

The root growth is amazing this is probably a weeks growth


That’s pretty cool. This one is in a 3 gallon pot. Lots of room for her. I also started another grow in a medium pot just in case this one fails. Growing on the other pot I got some cuba libre auto. Hope all goes well with both of them. Thanks for your input mate.

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I agree with everyone above and will add a couple. Try to keep your humidity up high around 60 or above. It looks like yours runs from around 35-40 to 60. The other thing is don’t get too carried away with the light, they don’t need much at that age. She’ll get her grow on soon!


Yes I agree seedlings dont need a the light up to high.

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Thanks. I been trying to keep it high. But I stopped the humidifier to see if that helps the grow. But I have been informed to keep the humidity high. I actually use a humidifier. And it works pretty well. I’m just worry about the slow grow. But the info I’m getting here is helping the worries. I put it back in again.

Once the humidity rises. The leaves bent down. Any reason ?

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