Watering too much or not enough when planting sprouted seed

When watering seed sprout for first time in soil should I spray till water comes out drain holes? And each watering after? Thanks

No that would be way to much water just do a very little bit of water just enough to dampen the soil

Seedlings need moisture…NOT soaking soppy wet.

Spray mist till moist. Put a clear cup over the seedling to serve as a humidity dome. Spray mist cup twice a day. Keep soil moist.

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I use a med cup off children’s Tylenol. I use 10ml

Yup. Dont drown the seedling (called dampening off) just a bit around her edges and she’ll do fine. O and that aforementioned dome

You can make humidity domes out of 2 liter soda bottles cut in half. Spray a mist of water inside the domes once a day.


I just used the bottle method on my first clone. I have never used it on a seedling. Does it just keep a person from over watering or is it for humidity purposes?

It is to keep a very high humidity level for the seedling. They need the most humidity when they are young, and it tapers off as they age.
This isn’t set in stone, but just a general guideline to go by:
Seedlings 70%
Vegetative weeks 1-2: 60%
Remaining vegetative weeks: 55%
Flower week 1: 55%
Flower weeks 2-5: 50%
Flower weeks 6-7: 45%
Flower weeks 8-9: 40%
Remaining flower weeks: 35%

So what’s up with VPD charts? Ive never seen one that accounted for the stage of plant.

Here you go:

Thanks man. I’ve never seen one that explains the colors like that. I always just went off common sense I guess.

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