Watering tell me about your results

Ok I guess I should have asked this much sooner as my first flowers are almost complete. So as we take this learning experience to help one another my questins are as follows…:

  1. Do you water while your lights are on or off?
  2. How frequently do you water?
  3. At each week how much does water consumption increase each plant?
  4. Do you water as soon as lights come on, after they have been on for a while, or after they are off?
  5. Based on your watering and nutes what kind of yield and quality are you getting?
  6. If anyone would ike to add their own question please feel free.
    I know this is a lot of detailed information and there will be fluctuating answers so please share strain, journal notes, or anything useful to these questions thank you all who took the time to laugh at my over thinking, but if there is anything that will give us a chance at being better growers I think we should explore it. Happy growing.
  1. Lights on. You want to try and not be in your space during lights off. I’m not sure if it’s best practice, but i always try to water at lights on if possible.

  2. Depends on what medium you’re using, how developed plant is, and environmentals. Seedlings you want to be moist but not water logged. After that, water after they’re allowed to dry out.

  3. Again a lot of variables, all the stuff in #2 plus pot size. On a developed plant watering to a little runoff is good.

  4. Right at lights on if possible and assuming they need to be watered.

  5. Watering and nutes will be low indicator of yield potential. Water is easy to keep up with. Area of plant canopy, genetics, and your lighting will be biggest determining factor of yields. All you have to do with water and nutes is keep up.

Hopefully that answers some of your questions.


:point_up: I mean, not really anything I can add to that.

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“questions answered.!!” [microphone hits the ground] LOL
@dbrn32, @BobbyDigital

i agree with dbrn on all 5 answers, but being u asked what we do…
4.) i water whenever is convenient with lights on,
i use very small finishing pots, some plants may not need watered in the ‘morning’ but need it in the ‘afternoon’.

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