Watering Schedule - vacation

How long would you go without watering?
I have one auto and two feminized.
Not in the place to have a hydro or automated watering system. My plants are 4-6 weeks old.
I’m going out of town for a week, can I “overwater” before I leave and they’ll be ok?


I would find a friend to water for you.


I agree with @MidwestGuy but if that’s not doable consider buying wicking and feed that way. Probably not available locally, but you can buy the tiki torch wicks and do the same. They are usually available most places. Suspend the pot over the water or nutrient solution, shove the wicks through the bottom of the pot and let the other end soak up the liquid below. Usually you want a riser.

If that’s not an option look for perlite, fill a saucer with a couple inches of that and flood it with nutrients or water and set the pot directly on the perlite.


Check AC-I for


“Borrowed” these glass root watering bulbs from the wife’s garden supplies. Thoughts?

And here are all three if my plants, left to right.
Gorilla G4, Santa Marta Haze, Maui Wauie


Might buy some time but no direct experience with those :man_shrugging:t3:


Plastic. They retain a lot more than cloth. I usually soak and forget. 1 week wont hurt. Wont need water for 5 days at least. Droughts outside can last longer.


Just wanna chime in that i agree with @MidwestGuy that a week unsupervised is a long time IF they go dry.

However, im using big ol plastic pots too, and its taking me maybe 5 days from a good run off to water them again. If you have a decent amount of perlite in there, and more importantly if you know that 7 days isnt ridiculously out of whack with your regular feeding schedule, i think they’ll make it. Mine would.

Just an opinion tho and its definitely risky.

Have you got your airflow sorted out for when you’re gone?

Yes I have a small fan set up to push air across the top of them even if they grow a few inches a this week.

If you have an exhaust fan on the go then aim your fan a little more down, but not directly at the soil. The air will circulate its way upwards anyways, assuming you’re in a tent.

Regardless, use your best judgement since you’re in plastic with little drainage as long as you’re not shooting too far past your regular feeding schedule.

I will report back in a week.
Steps I took as a preventative for learning:
-Plastic pots all the way no matter what for water retention.
-Gave water and nutes to saturate perlite soil.
-Filled the slow drip water bulbs.
-Raised light source to accommodate for more growth (I’ve been gaining 2-3 inches the past few weeks).
-Put air source higher so it blows across the tops and also accommodates for height gain. (Growing in garage that can be humid at times but they are thriving).
-all are 18+ inches tall

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@Gl1tch @MidwestGuy @Autos-only @DEEPDIVERDAVE @Storm @Dinky @Low

A week on vacation did them some good. As I said slight over water with nutes. Water bulbs, plastic pots and air on. Light was 18/6. I came home to plants that gained 8-10 inches in height.
Replished water and nutes today.
Before and after pics below.

Question, can I go to 12/12 light with 2 photos and one auto? Will that mess anything up?

My plants aren’t as full as some of your guys. What could I have missed?


Yes you can. I do it on a continual basis.

Could be strain. No worries. As soon as you flip the photo they will fill out.

Genetics, grow medium or soil, PH/PPM, and lights.
All play factors, as does temp.
Vegetating at 65/55 is nothing like growing in 80/70.

Any incidence of trouble, distorts the time trajectory of growing.
and possibly retard future growth.
Maybe it is our problem or reason for no big bushed colas.

Indoor, cool/cold grower.
Outdoor, cold, rain, wind, and very low light daily area.

First pictured plant above, in flower, is younger than outdoor, tied not in flower plant. Just got 12/12 and the older plant was banished to the outdoors to check growing conditions in April and May (none).
June before PNW grows outdoor. July before we are dry.
Too cold, wet, raining and no dry time.
However, outdoor lady is now in pre-flower.
Clones doing some growth, maybe.
Out-door Revegers, finally coming to life.
Final answer Temp and lights?

Flowering plant pictured above had PH issue to overcome.
Outdoor plant was not watered because It got rain watering.
Still trying for larger colas, but they do mold easier.

A little training will go a long way. With cannabis the highest node wins. If you can train them all on the same plane then they all win. Also looks like you could use more light. That would reduce the distance between nodes.


A day or two after topping and tying.

Same plant today. Almost a month later

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What is and how do you top? What’s the benefit?

You cut the main top of the plant which will result in the two growths in the nodes below to grow as tops. So essentially instead of one top on your plant like a Christmas tree you will have a ‘V’ shape.

The result is two main top colas and a smaller bushier plant.

Suggest looking up how to top on the grow bible section :ok_hand:

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