Vacation watering help and recommendations please

I will be gone for a week around the end of July and need something to water four plants.

These are two gallon rain science pots with coco and perlite. I currently top feed them daily about 3L each.
today they are on day 16 of 12/12 and at the beginning of actual flower. They will be well into 4th week of flower while I’m gone. They fill up the 3x3 now

I looked at some of the Bluemat systems but not sure which one is the right size, features and suitable for indoor applications

Something like this sounds perfect but I need more info about capacity and lift etc.

I see DIY systems with submersible pumps on timers but I’m not much for DIY with this sort of thing. I usually end up buying 5 things before I get to the one I should have bought in the first place. If you have a parts list for a small system that can pump 15 - 20 gallons over a 5-6 day time period, I would appreciate your sharing it with me.

Anyway, what are you using? It must be simple and hands off. Also, no runoff while I’m gone.
Any help and recommendations will be appreciated.


Do you have a trusted friend?


not an option

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I’d be afraid to leave during flower I bought those things that look like carrots you stick in the soil and you put a water bottle on them Haven’t used them yet though


I run the HydroLock system without any complaints. It was an easy install. Simple digital timer gives me the flow I want. I’ve got a couple posts that went over my install for some curious members.

If I can find it I’ll link it :metal:


I added the 3-line Blumat system.
Has been working great.

Just after install 6/18


Those actually work pretty good I’ve used them just make sure and tilt them forward towards spout. Do a trial run to adjust the drip. :+1::v:

I saw those. I was not sure about water capacity and being able to know how much is delivered.

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Do you use it as primary supply or just while gone?

When all plants are healthy it’s the only way I water.

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Here’s the start of explaining install and the adjustments I’ll make when I move things around.

Sorry there’s probably a lot of jaw jacking to weed through :rofl::joy:

I went to your under the stairs thread searched hydrolock and bingo… thanks

Sweet. There’s a day or 2 in conversation with Chef that i dive in a little to the changes I’d make

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yep found it. thanks again

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I set up an automated watering system with a submersible pump, tubing and a digital timer using a 29 gallon tote for a rez. Did the entire last grow with it. I tried to use drip emitters but the pump lacks enough pressure to energize them. So I bought some inline 1/4" line valves and simply adjusted the flow along with duration to get the desired amount. Putting them in a tray to catch any runoff will reabsorb with no issues. It does take a few days to set up and adjust though.

Look at my journal: it shows the setup (sort of).

If you want to p.m. me just let me know.

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Here is my hydro tent with it’s simple drip system. The drip rings are super easy to make. Just drill a 1/8 are a little smaller hole in the bottom every 2 inches. It just a submersible pump in a reservoir that pumps into the rings. Also, I have seen a timer advertised, that you can program on or off time anywhere from 10 seconds to 99 hours. I use a cheap the timer for 30 minutes on & off, this would probably be too long of a cycle for you purpose.
Also beware that the reservoir needs to be lower than the drip rings. If the reservoir at the same level of higher it may siphon you reservoir empty, no matter how high the supply line between the pump and rings is elevated above both.


nice set up thanks for the info.