Auto-Watering Planning

I’ll be heading on vacation for a week mid-flower. Any preferred methods for watering during away times? Looking at a couple 5 gals with a timer pump perhaps.

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I guess the biggest questions I can think of is:

How many plants?
How much are they drinking now?

If your looking for something cheap most places that sell plant stuff should have a cheap pump setup, also depends on your season right now too. If your not worried about budget check out Hydrolock systems. They are all in one kits and take all the worry out of watering.


never heard of but checked it out and its very nice. if I get up to growing 6 plants than I’m getting one

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I’m getting one myself when I can afford it, should be able to run 1-6 at a time which will be perfect for me as I have one plant right now in my 2x2 and when my wife finds room for my 3x3 will use that for bed and flower.

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Welcome to the community ! I was gone 5 days I used the 20 oz glass bulbs two in each pot. They drip out slow over time. I watered really good the morning of departure. After return plants got a good ph watering . They looked good the next morning.


sweet, im definitely getting one now.

Make sure to order from their website and not Amazon, about $50 cheaper!!! I’m researching right now if they can run individually or if it’s all 6 at a time.

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I appreciate the heads up

From what I have been seeing in their videos it’s all 6 at once. They didn’t show anything for only hooking up a couple at a time. Sry for the incorrect information.

@Underthestairs care to input?

thats ok, get some successful grows under my belt and I grow 6 at a time and get one lol

Well if your doing 6 anyways then nothing to worry about! Glad I could help after all!

I’m also “out of love” as it keeps telling me everyday. Lol

Good to hear!

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Sorry everyone lost track of what we’re taking about haha big joint…



I have this this pump watering 4 plants in coco 3 times a day. It’s $30 on Amazon. I also got this set of drippers, which was another $19.

The app kind of user-unfriendly and took me two weeks of adjustments to get the system working the way I want it to. But now it’s going awesome and I’m confident enough I can ‘set it & forget it.’ I just mix up a fresh 5 gallons of nutrients when my reservoir bucket gets low.


awesome, I remember these pots, did any roots every come through the holes?

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I think that was the one thing I got right in the first two weeks of my grow. When I peeled the peat pots off, the roots were just barely touching the sides. I put them back in the hole and covered them with coco.

I finally got the crops happy last week and they have exploded with growth. The difference between that picture and this one is just 3 days. I’ll probably have 5 nodes on all of them by Sunday.

I also just started some early & gentile LST.

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that’s alot of growth

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Awesome setup. Thats exactly what i’m looking to do. Can you access that remotely or only when you’re on your wifi?

Remotely, as long as it is connected to Wi-Fi. That’s specifically what I was looking for when I bought it. It even sends me an alert every time it runs.

I’ve only had it screw up a watering once & we were having a wind storm that could have been bumping our power and/or Wi-Fi service, I was asleep when it happened. It does have a couple day battery backup but I don’t have any batteries installed.

The main problem I’ve had with it, is that it’s more like a pump assisted siphon. If the pump is a couple feet higher than the drippers, it can siphon an extra half-gallon of water past the impeller after it shuts off. It’s not a huge deal for me since I’ve got 4 plants in coco-perlite. For me, it only means I’m wasting more nutes than I want to. It could be more problematic if your in soil - or just plan for it when setting the schedule.

For now, on the reservoir side, I’ve placed the pump on the lid of the bucket I’m pumping from. I really need to find a place on the floor to place it so it lifts to the drippers.

Also, my system’s pump rate is about 1 gallon for 10 minutes of run time.

The other limit I’ve noticed is the max number of drippers I’ve been able to reliably put on a pump circuit is 8. More than that & they don’t all work.

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