Going on vacation, need a irrigation system to care for plants for a week ? What to get?

Hey guys ! I know i know i havent been around in a while , but for good reason! Just been grinding away building up my company, Eagle Eye Supply ! But anyways i have a problem i need to figure out and have an idea on what im going to do but want your guys input to see if theres any better or alternate options that i may have not thought of yet.

So im going to be going on my first vacation ever in January. Going on a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas! Very excited but i need to figure out a solution to make sure my girls get watered that week while i am away.

As of now im thinking about jist getting a huge reservoir and buying the hydrolock system and setting it all up on a wifi timer/switch so i can make sure they will be ok.

What else is out there for equipment like this ? Anybody have a similar setup or thoughts on how i should go about it? Let me know what you all think ! Thanks guys !

I get my helper to do the watering. So far it is a very unreliable system. Even on video call he can screw it up somehow. But im with you on needing to automate during vacations. Ill tag along for ideas.

I use the hydrolock 6 plant kit. I’ve used it for 2 grows and love it.


Blumat is all I use… Works great… No moving parts to speak of and there is never any excess/drainage… The carrots only drip water when the soil dries… The plants essentially water themselves… In my case feed as well… I mix Jacks 20-20-20 in the reservoir at half strength for a continuous feed during veg… I switch to Jacks 10-30-20 for flower

I have read it’s advisable to keep an air stone in the reservoir to prevent anaerobic bacteria from forming… It helps keep the food mixed in as well