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I pointed out that the highest node wins. This concept is called apical dominance and basically means that the highest point on the plant will get the lions share of growth hormones. If I remember correctly the principle one that cause them to be a tree instead of a bush is also produced in the top of the plant. Topping is cutting that high point off the plant so the two little branches at the node are now the high point and thus they share those growth hormones. If you tie the branches to keep all the apical nodes even it will also help distribute nutes and hormones evenly and make a bush that produces many top buds instead of just one.

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You have it correct. I was trying to recall the name of the hormone.
Remembered Auxin or Giberellins . Internet recall, better than my memory.
I was taught these and “the Law of the Minimums”,
USU 1976

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    Gibberellins are plant hormones that regulate various developmental processes, including stem elongation, germination, dormancy, flowering, flower development, and leaf and fruit senescence. GAs are o…
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thanks for refreshing my memory. It’s been a while since I fell down that rabbit hole and I couldn’t remember specific names of hormones either. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t want to look stuff up. I should though. Knowledge is good; laziness not so much.

Stuck in my mind, all these years.
Forum has opened the doors for faster learning.
What helps the memory, I can’t remember.