Watering during flower, don't want to screw it up

I have a grow journal going but I needed some quick information that I don’t want buried in there…

I have two fem WW in the 3rd week flower, in a tent, both in 3 gallon fabric pots. Up until a week ago, I would mist daily with aerated water and would water, with about a quart each of aerated water every 2 or 3 days because the soil was dry an inch down into the soil, humidity would be around 40% and temp between 73 and 75. But in the last week, every morning I go into the garden, they are bone dry and the humidity is 14%, no change in temp! Is it normal for the girls to get so thirsty during flower? I water around noon, because I don’t want them to be too damp going into dark and they go dark and wake up at 9:30 pm/am. They look perky and I’m seeing little flowers and white hairs coming out all over the place, I just don’t want to water too much (or too little) during this delicate phase. I’m shocked that I’ve gotten them to this point, I just don’t want to screw it up. Any tips? I just misted and watered them so I don’t have a photo yet, because it doesn’t represent well. I’ll get a picture when the leaves dry up a bit.

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well I am still learning myself but the drop in humidity seem like a real lot and I would guess that is why they dry out so fast. I have 3 gallon fabric pots and I am using a gallon of water to water. That give me just enough to check runoff. Do you get runoff with a quart of water?

I try to minimize the run off because I don’t really have the set up to be able to collect the run off and dump it (I have to carry the water in with watering cans) but I do saturate the girls to the point where they’re happy. I’m just concerned about watering them too much because I have them in the back corner of my basement where if humidity gets too high, mildew could be a massive issue. I’m trying to walk the line.

Here are a few pics of the girls, they look great but they’re thirsty and I don’t want to over water them and screw anything up.


Your in smart pots they are much more forgiving than plastic to over watering you plants great .



Don’t change a thing. keep on doing what you are great job
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