Watered and 3 hours later this yellow leaf

Also seems like they are all yellowing in new leaves?


Hate to be the bearer of bad news… but that favors bug damage. Id be in there inspecting every leaf. Over and under. Any ‘specks’ of brown or black and its time to plan for eradication


On one leaf? Indoor tent, right after watering this morning. Not the look of a nutrient problem?

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Use your jeweler’s loupe to examine the undersides of the leaves. It might be a nutrient issue. But my first guess would be some kind of bug.

Thank you. I didn’t see anything, but what can I spray?

This speckle does look pest related. Give them a good through looking over. Also pests tend to be most active just before lights off and after lights on.

@Lacewing is my resident pest guru.

And not to force bug down ur throat. But it just doesnt really look nutrient related imo. Is it happening on more then one plant?

Whats ur water numbers? PH and ppm?


Any nutrients added recently?


I just found a bug on a bar in there, kinda looked like long ant with wings? I killed it, sprayed neem oil everywhere. Anything I can put in soil? After inspection I see a few other starting to show progress towards that yellowing. :sob::sob::sob::sob: I thought indoors would prevent this mostly.

Once an indoor grow shows an infestation, it becomes extremely difficult to irradicate. And you will likely have the same bugs returning a week later.

I have seen food-producing greenhouses that following an infestation require a lot of work to fully become free of bugs once again.

In the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, the popular go-to was NEEM oil, [an organic plant sourced essence oil]. But it has fallen out of popular use today. People fear that it may leave a residue on the plants. So the community will likely advise you to not use NEEM oil.

In my opinion, your plants are not flowering yet. Any residue should have plenty enough time to wash off before buds develop.


Sorry, my first grow, I don’t know about ppm. Soil: Happy Frog laced with Terps Tea
Water with rain water averaging 6.5
No added nutrition as of date
Purple Haze and Auto White Widow in tent

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Captain Jacks Dead Bug Spray is another good one. Can be used in flower.

Neem oil can be used in veg, but like stated, leaves a residue so I tossed it out after the first use or two uses. It can be used as a soil drench


At least three other plants have either tips dying, eaten, or theyre being trimmed, or both? As many clues as possible I’d investigate before starting a bug treatment.



@Jaysittinback Good eye there brother. :+1:


Are we certain that’s not just a FIM grown out? The side branches on her look well caught up and its pretty uniform


That top yellowing just looks like rapid growth so the chlorophyll hasn’t had time to catch up yet. The spotted leaf just looks like the plant is consuming it because most of it is shaded so I’d doesn’t need it anymore.


That would do it. @Kmad will show up with some more info I think…

Yes, trying it out.

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Sounds plausible, but I also have a plant that in the crown area a few of the upper part of leaves are curling - nutrients also? Wondering if I should start a light fertilizer?

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I thought I FIM’d them up, but I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing :sweat_smile:.


Welcome @Kmad …“.kinda looked like long ant with wings”…Not tryin to scare you but that sounds like a Termite…

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