Yellow spots on three leaves so far

Any suggestions on what could be going on? Other plant is fine , no light burn or nute burn, everything js dialed in . Wonder if i should break out the neem or yellow traps or my bush doctor force of nature spray

On the 3 leaves at the bottom? Maybe nute splash. What does full plant look like?


Here is the plant with the three spotted leaves as well as the perfectly fine girl next to her

Pluckem and watch new growth. Those are first leaves and i bet been soaked with nutes or sitting on soil. Just yanked 4 like that from this lemon auto. No signs of damage on any other growth.

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Roger that gonna get to snipping now

Watchem close a few days. Issues usually arent instant. If they are something bad going on. I bet she stretches more. I seem to get a better stretch when i clean the bottom a touch.

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Will do , here they are off plant

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Definitely something else going on in there , it’s starting with the other plant now , put in a yellow sticky trap and got the neem on stand by , I’ve had this happen once before and it was definitely bug related

One round of neem and mulching bringing my girls back to health

If you have to apply Neem oil this early you are overwatering. If mulch is from evergreen trees it will acidify the soil.

I would have advised leaving the plants alone as those leaves were damaged by liquid splashing on them. They were still doing their job. Not knowing anything about your grow it’s hard to determine.

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It wasn’t from nute splash i actively saw pests and the leaves started to die that’s why i used the neem once so far ,

How about a Support ticket?

Also the mulch is from coco not evergreen , did my research before i moved forward , fellow grow partner recommended it because he had similar issues with soil and the mulch really helped since neem and much plant has made full recovery. Thank you for helpful suggestions though

How about a Support Ticket?