Water temps for flush

My well water comes in at 46 F. I want to flush, but feel this is too cold for the roots. Any advise?

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you could boil it and let it cool off or let it sit at room temp for a few hours… Maybe throw it in the microwave haha?

Too cold, if you have any bottles like 1 gal jugs fill them & put them in your growing space for the day & they will be the same temp as the plant when you use them. Keep a few ahead so you’ll have them when needed.


Good advise, and I do just that. I broke my right humorous bone 3 weeks ago, and was hoping to make the job a bit easier by using my hose.
Thanks for the thoughts.


i think she will handle some cold water in the last weeks of flower… that is where you at? or is this a midgrow flush? then youo dont want it to be too cold.

water them in the morning just after light on. this way the earth is still cold from the night and it wont be that much of a shock compared to the evening watering where the earth is warm and you cool it down for the night, where it could need that stored energy to go trough the night.

some people give them an icebath before harvest. I did put some snow on top of the earth for this grow, they didnt suffer…

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I am going thru wk 7 of flower, Durban Poison, I am seeing signs that I am approaching harvest,

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I grew that strain outdoor when i first joined this board had to take her early due to weather… still loved the smoke… There are some pics around here… I’ll find them…
don’t worry about the water temp.
In nature she would be around October, it can get fairly cold at night depending on the latitude,.

that late in flower you might consider it more natural when things get cooler…

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Outdoor Durban poison