Newbie idea for watering

Many places it says that it is good for the temp to drop several degrees at night during flowering.

How viable would it be to pH and freeze some of your water, and just put it on top of the soil at night after you water? (and only when you regularly water)

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I can’t say for sure when it comes to bud, but, I have done this for various other potted plants and they love being watered with ice. I don’t believe it would lower the temp that much for a full size plant. start out with a few cubes and see how they respond, interesting idea… I might have to give that a try

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Not sure if this will help much, I grow in outdoor greenhouse in south NV, so Yes we get real hot up to 120f. This summer has been brutal but my girls are fine. I run a drip system and two timers. The auto feed drip runs 4 times a day, 15 min each. But before this happens, I run a simple sprinkler for flower garden and lawn for 25 min prior, same feed as drip system hose. this ensures water is cool. Ice would not last much here, nor help much. Also every 4 hours, I have a simple fan with mister system, not pointed at plants but below bucket line so plants don’t burn, so basically it is spraying the floor which cools it down on whole inside about 15 degrees +. When mister is off fan still runs circulating air.
Hope this helps


Good stuff! Just spit-balling truing to start a discussion. I’m thinking along the lines of finding out how much ice will melt during a 12 hour dark period in a climate controlled environment.

Knowing this, you could have multiple chunks and allow the full amount to melt instead of using it as a supplemental.

Also, using a soil mix that already has all the goodies in it, you wouldn’t need to worry about nutes, just pH (a home brew, not miracle-gro…)

It is the simple tip about running the garden hose first to cool it that will be gold for some people!