To water or not to water?

So I’m about a week away from harvest. Should I continue to water as she needs it or hold off?

By all means continue watering!

Some stop the nutes but definitely keep watering

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I would be watering for sure. Depending on what I’m using nutrient wise at the end. I often flush during the last week before harvest.

When you say flush, what exactly is this process?
I’ve stopped nutes bout 2 weeks ago and water twice a week, 2 to 2½ gals. Is this adequate? She’s in 15 gal fabric pots.


Very nice pics. When I flush I run 1 gl per gl that I am in. So for you it would be 15 gl. I may be running completely different from you. As I am indoors and nowhere near a 15 gl size. I’m in 3 gl smart pots hahaha. Your stuff looks real good. I would say watering your plant til the end is definitely the right thing to do. You don’t need to flush.

Cool! I’m indoors as well. I was in 5 gal smart pots and her roots started to come out the bottom so I put the whole pot in a 15 gal. Lol. How are you able to use smaller pots without roots growing out? Did I veg too long?

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I am heavily topping my plant and using scrog so they never really get that big. To be honest when I examine my root ball after the grows are done. In most cases the roots had reached the edge of the cloth and simply turned back into the pot. Like they are suppose to. Only in a few instances did the roots run through and I was so far into the grow I just let it ride. All worked out fine with the other few strains. I don’t know how this Flubber is gonna react. First time with this strain.

One day I will try the scrog. This is my first true attempt. She is Pure Indica from Robert. Thanks for the info!


I would not flush until you understand fully, the process. I personally don’t ever flush, and don’t believe it helps pre-harvest. Flushing is to cleans buildup in soil and media. If there is no buildup, there’s no need to flush.

I believe the teaching of flushing (for taste, or pre-harvest) is way over taught, as proper feeding should be taught in its place.

Some use fading technique, for pre-harvest, which may include a flush. This may speedup cure times, but at the risk of yield size. To me, it’s not worth doing, as chlorophyll (the reason for chemical taste) will break down regardless, over time, with proper cure.

Chlorophyll take time to break down. If you don’t flush, and continue to feed, the more chlorophyll will be remaining, and more time will be involved with breaking it down, after harvest.

Chlorophyll has an amazing history as it invaded the cells of early life. You can almost argue it’s a lifeform in itself, as it has its own DNA, separate from the plant.

…but as for watering, yes, continue and do not stop.


The fabric pots that you guys are all using or just for that reason it’s called air pruning which prunes your roots and allows you to grow really big plants in smaller pots because they never get root bound… Next time let them be , I’ve never had to go any bigger then a 5 gallon pot and they have been 7 feet tall… Food for thought…



So the roots wasn’t affected by the light? I thought light exposure would kill the roots?

Not really sure if light will harm your roots but definitely the air will and like I said it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing air pruning is a good thing it allows your plant to grow bigger root structure instead of long long long roots just circling and circling and circling that will actually end up killing your plants or stunting them…



Good topic, great answers and information. My question is this: my babies have grown up in “super soil”. I water with sea weed extract and silicon each and every time. Seaweed: 1 tblsp./gal. Silicon 1/2 tsp./gal. Ph’d to 6.5%. I am currently into 7th week (44th day) in flower. Have added " maxi-bloom" @900ppm for last two weeks. So: to flush or not to flush, that is my actual question. I don’t feel like I have “nutes to flush”.

I will definitely reduce or discontinue seaweed,silicon and bloom for next two weeks but drastic flooding of grow medium? I have trouble wrapping my head around drowning.


Looks great! There’s a topic on here called ‘to flush or not to flush’ it’s got some good ideas and I think your answer may be there

  • good luck!

Thanks. Yes have read several articles and still find myself in a quandary. I understand the principal and trying to weigh pros and cons. As is first grow, do not want to ruin or “flush” all work down drain😊 Hoping to get comments from those that have and those that have not. Still out a week to 10 days til I have to decide. Will revisit comments you suggest. Maybe post there as well. Again, thank you.