Water schedules for autos

Anyone our there have a good watering schedule along with feeding schedule also when u flush before harvest is that every day for seven days then harvest. I’m using 5gal grow bags and happy frog.

Autos get the same watering as photos. But feeding schedules will vary as autos start flowering when they want.

Seedlings don’t need more than a couple ml’s every couple of days. You can put a clear plastic cup, spritzed with distilled water over them the first 1-2 weeks. Then, water a few ml’s in a circle a couple inches from the stalk. Make the roots work and reach for the water. They take in more moisture from the top at first.

In FF soils, you are good with water only (pH’ed to 6.2-6.8) for the first 4-6 weeks. Their soils are pretty loaded. At 3 weeks, start checking the ppm and pH of your runoff. pH out should be really close to pH in. Assuming your using FF nutrients, start feeding when your PPM’s hit 1000 or less.

FF nutrients also have a flush implemented into their schedule. This is pretty important. Salts can buildup at the root zone, and cause lockout by basically blocking any nutrient uptake. The flushes in the schedule break up the deposits and most nutrients still in soil, so it’s important to follow with a full strength feed after.

Hope this helped!

Edit… Water only can be distilled or RO water which can be given directly. It can’t be pH’ed and will take on the pH of the soil. Tap/city water usually needs to be pH’ed. Also, tap water has to sit, uncovered or slightly covered for 24 hours to dechlorinate.


Are th flushes a gal of water and the flushes before harvest are they a gal every day for a week before harvest

If you use Fox Farm nutrients, they have a flushing agent called Sledgehammer. It’s actually on the schedule every 4 weeks, I believe. It’s a couple tablespoons to a gallon, and usually you flush 3 gallons per gallon of medium.

Let me ask this first… Do you plan on using Fox Farm nutrients?

Flushing before harvest is usually just running plain water the last 2 weeks. Not necessarily a real “flush” it just depletes nutrient matter in the flowers to help get rid of any harsh taste. There’s not a ton of evidence to prove it does anything as far as plant quality, but it does have a noticable taste difference.

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I do plan to use ff nuts

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I started using RO introduced to the distilled (or city water/dechlorinated) for PH balancing and PPM under 1000. Don’t know if that’s good, but recipients are starting flower phase (6 weeks). RO measured for aiming towards “optimum” soil range. RO measured from some shows PH 6-6.6, and PPM 4K (getting lower @2K and dropping). Watering still too much, was every other day. Trying 3-4 day watering cycle.
Dark hour temps 60 degrees and lights on 85 degrees at lights. Intake air measures 50-degrees. First tent (veg) adds 10-degrees. Second 4x4 tent exhaust’s 70’s with input at 60-degrees. Watering for minimal run-off water. Learning to do better, with ILGM forum assistance. Watering schedule 3-4 days using weight of pots to determine amounts method. Often I mistake plant communication “TIRED” for needs more water. Good luck determining your own watering method/cycle.


Ok, so then the Flush is pretty important. Even if just using the liquid trio (Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom). These alone will produce nice, healthy plants. You have to monitor your runoff ppm, though. And be sure after you add the nutrients to your water, it is pH’ed correctly.

Last grow in coco, when I used dehumidifier water, I would add silica at 2ml per gallon. Then when I would add Jack’s it would take it to 6.0. I’m back in Fox Farm Ocean floor, and will use Jack’s as feedings come. Full strength Jack’s lands my tap water at 6.5, and it stays there for a week.

Here I meant to post this on my last comment…

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@K-88 So I use ff soil and ff trio. I also grow autos and use 3 and 5 gallons pots. All said above is spot on. You really don’t need to feed tell about week 4-6 check your ppm and when it dips under 1000 start with a 1/2 dose .
On a water schedule I use the lift test. If heavy your good. If lite then water. It’s normally every 3-4 days, when they are big. When little don’t need as much water.
Very important if using Fox Farm products You Must Flush every 4-6 weeks You will get Salt Build Up.

Ok I appreciate the info.

Please refer to our watering guide for more general information on watering your plants.

We also recommend to take a look at our nutrient feeding schedules below:
Download a feeding schedule for soil growing
Download a feeding schedule for hydroponically growing

When growing autoflowering plants, please use half the amount of nutrients, as they do not require as many nutrients as their photoperiod counterparts. Using half the nutrients is enough to ensure a good grow.