Flushing autos advise needed

Hello I am about ready to crop my first autos. I have a couple of questions.

  1. Can you use tap water or is distilled the best way?

  2. How long should I allow them to flush before cropping?

  3. I know the point of flushing at the end is to make the plant burn through the nutrients it has stored, but I saw some posts that said if you’re using organic nutrients you don’t really need to flush. I use bat guano in my mix. Would it be any benefit to use distilled and add some bat poop?

  1. Distilled would be preferred. Tap will have a lot of minerals in it.

  2. You have 2 options. A one-and-done flush with a bunch of gallons of water all at once a week before your harvest, or just feed straight distilled for a full 2 weeks before your harvest.

  3. I wouldn’t add nutrients back on top of a harvest flush. It isn’t needed. You are really only waiting for the trichomes to mature at this point.

What’s a one and done flush?

Do you still flush for 2 weeks with autos?

Pouring a lot of gallons of water through the pot in one session to flush it.

There’s no difference between autos or photos when flushing.

I guess I just assumed with the accelerated growth the flush time would be significantly less. It’s easier to flush for 2 weeks when the plant takes 6 months but with a plant that’s ready in 7 weeks your flushing for nearly 1/3 of its life cycle?