Was growing bud in your blood

I dont share alot of personal info, but i was in for a big surprise this 4th. I dont see my mom much and she hadnt seen my garden until this morning. I was a bit nervous to see her reaction, and i shit you not the first thing she said was how proud my father would be of me. Apparently pops had quite the green thumb. I did not know this due to him passing while i was very young. But it really explains alot about my disposition on cannabis. Happy 4th to all


Thats dope! Fatherly approval from beyond the grave! I didnt know my dad well, except for the back of his hand, That I knew well. His approval, never knew that. Very cool moment, thanks for sharing.


My Mom used to search for and confiscate my weed when I was a teen. In the later years she confessed that she and my Dad smoked some of the weed they took from me one time. lol. My Mom came from a Quaker family, so that tells you her position on weed.