Wanting to harvest at the best time after all this

Hi all, first time grower and poster. I have 3 plants going strong. These are ILGM Gorilla Glue Feminized seeds (NOT auto flower). I am using Detroit Nutrient Company – Great Lakes Living Soil, with some of my own compost mixed in. I am using my own version of a wicking system.

I am trying to find the best time to harvest. I am at the end of the 8th week of flowering. I am using a small jeweler’s loupe magnifying 30x and 60x. It’s hard to see with it being really small and trying not to shake and not the best eye sight :frowning:.

Is it possible to use a digital camera , in this case I used a tripod to steady it, and zoom in to see the trichomes ? I kind of can see them but wonder if this will work or any ideas on how best to decide.

Also, 1 of the 3 has red/purple leaves. This started a few weeks ago. I read that is OK and maybe from a temp change. It seems fine but just wanted to make sure. Thanks for any tips or suggestions on when to harvest.

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Plants still have a long way to go IMO. Red stems and leaves is a phosphorus def but adding supplements to living soil negates any advantages of using it.

Best tool for close exam is a handheld loupe: you can get one on Amazon for under $10. If you want pictures, a digital otoscope with a stand does a nice job. Here’s mine:

This is more how close you want to be.


They have usb scopes on amazon for $20. Im getting one soon. My phone doesnt zoom in enough with the camera either

Thanks for the quick response. I am ok with waiting it out. The $10 loupe is what I have and the 60x is like a little pin hole. Any feedback on some if the bigger ones ? I see them on amazon but some of the reviews are not so promising , the image is distorted Also a digital otoscope seems to be for looking in an ear ? What did you use if I can ask?

Also, on 2 occasions I took a scoop of compost in a mesh bag and dropped it into the bucket for gravity fed watering for a couple of days. Should I keep this up ? it’s a little messy but it could be doing something.

Right now your plant needs P and K: a better choice would be fruit bat guano. Not insectivore which is richer in N. That would give you an organic additive you could either make a tea from or top dress soil layer.


OK, this is on amazon

Down to Earth Organic Bat Guano Fertilizer Mix 7-3-1, 2 lb

says it is mostly water soluble what do you think ?

This might help

That’s probably insect bat guano. You need fruit bat guano. It should have a lower N number and higher P and K.


This one is high in P.

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Give it three weeks and revisit this post :grin:

Hi, checking back in, I am giving a dose of the bat guano every couple of days. Some of the red has gone down, and the back plant is showing some red. Trying to master the USB ottoscope and get a steady pic.

To be clear I flipped to the 12-12 flower schedule on 10/10 , so if there is a 2 week adjustment period that means I am more at 8 weeks of time in flower today.

Thanks for the feedback so far-