Harvest Time For Super Skunk

Guys this is my 1st grow. Need some advice on if it is time to start my curing process. Strain is a ILGM Super Skunk. Started grow in late Feb. outdoor in N. Texas. Plant thrived in our 100 degree heat. Please look at image I took 2day and advise if I’m there yet.
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looks to me like you have a few weeks left. I would buy a joulers loupe and examine the Trichomes for the best decision on harvesting.

Thanks. I am a model railroad guy so I have high power magnifying glasses that might work. What should I look for?

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Sounds like that might work. Your looking at the frosty things on the buds. Don’t pay attention to any of the leaves. Just the actual buds. The sugar leaves tend to mature faster.

Here is what you will be looking at and will help you determine if its ready.

Here is a close up of one of my buds. These are cloudy. I could probably harvest now but I like a little amber just to make sure it’s really mature. Also in the final weeks it really packs on weight. Its better to zoom in more if you can though. I just took quick pics.

Hope this helps!



@Noctis420 said couple more weeks still some white pistils.


I put on my molding glasses and looked closely and there was crystals there that I could not see with the naked eye. I’ll lay in the cuts bout two more weeks before harvest. What a fun ride. Thanks

You’re looking at around 8-10 weeks from the time she started flowering. How long has it been since she started pushing pistils from the top? By the looks she still has at least 4 weeks to go.

Just too 2 pics. 1st image is a ILGM Super Skunk. 2nd image is ILGM Skywalker OG. Girls have been flowering almost 3 weeks. They are taking water every day. I’m Still using Canna nutrients and Advanced Iron Supplement. Clearly seeing Clear sticky looking crystals in all the buds.

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I Took close up of my Skywalker OG girl, it’s real close to harvest based on my observation of yours excellent images. Thanks again

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I’m starting to get yellowing on many of the fan leaves. The leaves around buds are healthy & green. I’m still administering nutrients.

if the Trichomes are were you want them I would stop feeding and just give plain water or ph’d water. The leaves will naturally turn yellow because it’s eating itself once you do thst. Also once they reach there peak they begin to decline so you could still be feeding but that won’t change it starting to die.

I have 20 super skunk feminized seeds in shipping as we talk and another 10 autos coming after that.
I’m a beginner and this is going to be my first grow. I ordered two of the 2 gal pots set up and the 75 watt grow light for the auto’s from “a pot for pot” and the feminized regs are going to be planted outdoors. I hope to see more of your grow to learn some about my future grow. If I can ever find your posts again lol. This is my first time at the message board also, so I don’t know the system on here either. Hey good luck ! Your plants look awesome !!