Not sure if it Is time to harvest

Whats up fellow growers, I’m a first time grower and need a little help.

Super Skunk, I’m not sure but looks like some of the buds are ready to harvest but not all see pic. Also i have not purged yet. Do I have time to purge or should I just harvest the buds that are ready then start purging? Would have tag the other guy that replied to my post last month but I’m still trying to learn this forum lol… thanks for the help.

To tag a grower you would put the @ symbol in front of the name. @Hoginator

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Those pistils are still white. You’ve got 4 weeks if not more till harvest.

Ok cool thanks I wasn’t 100 % sure.

great thanks Newbiegrower251

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what about the ones that are amber in color?

what about the ones that are amber on the same plant?

Are the trichs amber or the pistils? It looks just the pistils. I’m going to need more details. Like when you planted. are these autos, photo, fems? That plant doesn’t look mature from what I’m seeing. Those sugar and fan leaves are still really green so to me she’s still got time.
Here is a little refresher so you can see. I would say she is week 6ish 7 ish.

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*Super Skunk Fem.
*Planted on April 17th
*Texas outdoor grow really hot and humid.
*Been in flower for 6 weeks

  • using tiger bloom every other watering.
  • 1-2 tbls of Epson salt once a week.
  • watering everyday 2-3 gallons depending on how hot the day was.
    *Pistols are amber only on some of the buds not all.
    *Trichs have a few showing amber but not very many.

This will be my first harvest and I have a lot of time, effort & money tied up in this so I don’t want to mess it up if you know what I mean. I really enjoy growing and want to experiment with different things but must get the harvesting right first.

Thanks for the help and advice it is greatly appreciated.

She is almost there. Patience lest you be pulling your dope early after all the work. You got 2 weeks. My guess was correct so maybe a feed of molasses with water for a week then do your flush. You’re almost home but just watch the rain. You got this man.

Ok cool thanks, sorry for all the questions but this is only way to learn so thanks again for your help and patience.

  • what ratio for the molasses per gallon?
  • Also they did get caught in the rain during the hurricane laura deal but I instantly ran outside and brought them in the house then did my best to shake them dry then stuck them back outside once the rain quit then the next day it rained on them for a couple hrs while I was at work, what will this do to the plants? Am I in trouble here?

Tea recipe

2/3 cup Peruvian Seabird Guano

2/3 cup Earth Worm Castings

2/3 cup High P Guano

Mix that with 5 gallons of water then add

1/2 cup Liquid seaweed.

1/2 cup Black Strap Molasses

Add air pump and let it brew

A little rain won’t hurt but a hurricane amount of rain or just showers everyday will get the bud rot and mold out.

Many thanks @Kevfrmthestl, hate asking all the questions but if I don’t I won’t learn and one is only as good as his teachers… thanks again i will update when I harvest.

I did notice today a bunch of brown spots on a couple of the plants any idea what is causing this and do I have anythingto worry about since I’m two weeks from cutting them down???

Always learning. Matter a fact just got schooled myself. I thought my ladies were just showing pistils apparently it’s starting to flower. I was almost sure I had a week or so to veg but wrong. I started my plants super late in July. This is the first time having small plants this late in the year. It’s weird… :crazy_face: plus didn’t have nutes on deck ready to go.

Always stuff to worry about but just keep doing the same thing your eyes doing no sense in thinking about things that haven’t happened. Make sure you flush if you’re using nutes. Brown spots probably lack of N but you want PK now.

Thanks @Kevfrmthestl Yes learn learn learn this forum is great and I have learned a lot here, this is my first grow five plants and looking to grow double on next venture. The next big thing to learn is this drying and curing lol in my mind it seems a little bit more stressful than the grow itself :exploding_head:.