Harvesting Timing Question

I am on a time table due to a 2 week trip I leave on August 10th. I wanted to know if beginning my flush this Friday (day 71) would be too early? If i wait any longer i wont be able to gave enough time to flush and dry prior to my trip. These are from today. Thoughts?


If you could could you get some good clear pics of the flowers. the leaves will look as though your done before they actually are. My opinion though shes got a while longer. probably a few weeks. The 71 days is that when you flipped or when you started seeing the white pistils? The strain might be helpfull .


Gorilla glue strain, 71 days since flip.

So my concern is, how long is too long for flowering? Can i push 100 days?

If i start flushing the plants first week of august and hand to dry around the 20th, will that be too long?


Can we get a picture of a whole bud itself?
How long has it been since you first say little bud sites? :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Yeah i’m with @HappyHydroGrower Most of the pictures look to be focused on the sugar leafs.
Good luck :v:

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Sure can. That gg will just get fat. Might have to use stakes to hold up the flowers.


They’re milky so you’re in the window now @IloveInsulin. I prefer 20-30% amber on high THC strains personally. It looks like you’ll harvest before the trip to me.