Waiting for amber

Grew 4 black sugar rose. Took down 2 plants( the light green bud).Left 2,They’re more advanced with yellow leaves, the darker bud shown. I have about 4 hrs of sun when shining , 60 degree days, 40 degree nights. No powdery mildew or bud rot yet. Is it worth waiting for amber trikes or do I yank em. Will they benefit if left, or just stagnate till the frost, like tomatoes. SW ONTARIO


A closer look with a loupe would help

Thanks, I’m working on the magnification.Still wondering about the cold weather stagnation thing though.

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@Vader. I’m on the east coast and we’re running into the same thing with colder nites.
Def slows things down growth wise.
I’m not seeing any more new pistils showing in the pics so I’d say you’re close to if not in your harvest window.
You could let them go a bit longer but are you really going to gain that much in a week ?
Tough one. Good luck.

First off I’m in southern Ontario (Branchton), so I know what your going through with the weather. As far as amber goes, from what I hear it’s personal preference. Some prefer all cloudy, some like more amber. If your at risk of losing your crop do to bad weather I’d just harvest now. From the pictures your plant looks ready. If your thinking of holding out longer, maybe try making a shelter to protect from frost and cold nights.

Good luck and happy growing :v:

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Thanks, just made it thru 3 days of rain, gonna push it til grey mold. Good weather comin

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I hear ya. No mold yet but it’s gonna come, I’ll wait til then. Working on hack to see trikes better. Laser pointer lens on phone. What do use on powdery mildew?

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@Vader [quote=“Vader, post:7, topic:55353”]
What do use on powdery mildew?

3% hydrogen peroxide. You can spray it full strength, or do a 50/50 with water. Don’t spray when the sun is shining on the plant, you will burn the leafs.

You should harvest that now! If the plant doesnt have any new pistils showing there will be no further fattening! Not all trichomes show true amber either, so before you start losing trichomes to freezing temps and degradation you should harvest!
This image shows some hairs that are not brown and thus there is still some expansion happening, when they are all brown and no new ones being formed they will be at max expansion.


Plastic lense no good. Ripped one out of old camera. Mounted on cell phone. It worked

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