Any advice on if I should harvest or wait

Hi All,

Can I ask if you think I should harvest the below plant? The top part of the plant has lots of amber but in the middle it looks like it could go longer.

I have no problem waiting but I don’t want to go past the harvest window.

I’m trying to harvest at 20% amber and the rest milky.

Thank you for any advice

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I see lots of amber. I’d be cutting it down


A pic of the overall plant would be helpful. I do see pistils still standing white and proud.

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Thanks @imSICKkid. What about the glassy trichomes in the middle. Do you think a few more days will improve them and not over ripe the top buds?

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You could let them go for a few more days if you wanted. Probably wont do a whole lot of changing but you could. You could also place the plant in 48hrs of total darkness and then harvest it as well.

Thanks @MidwestGuy, do you think I should hold of harvesting until they go milky? Also, If I were to wait longer, will the top buds over ripe in your opinion?

This is the last picture I took as it currently night time for them.

The below was taken on the 26/04/2020


I agree kid she’s ready lights out and harvest, I see one white pistil at the top but a bunch of amber trichomes

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She looks pretty mature. I was just worried about some of the newer white pistils I saw. Harvest those flowers that are ready and let those that are not ripen a little more. I do staged harvests like that because not all flowers ripen at the same time.

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Next grow you need to do a heavier defoliation in flower. Then your lower flowers wont be so far behind the rest.


Okay, I’ll Harvest tonight.
Yes I know, I tried it a little in this run but was worried I’ll harm by doing to much. I guess knowing things like that comes with experience.

I’m going to try LST next time so hopefully it’ll mature all at once.

Thanks for your help :+1:t6: