Harvest time? (pics)

I have 2 plants ahead of the others. They seem borderline to me. What do you all think?

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I like at least 30% amber on my trichs thats just me tho

I’d give it more time. Keep checking trichomes and when you don’t see any more clear trichomes, you’ll be in the harvest window :v::bear:


Still seeing a lot of clear, I’d give it more time. I had the same doubts on my last grow, but having everyone on the forums guide me through it was absolute gold, and taught me a lot! Patience is key. :v:


Ok, I’ll give it a few more days and check in again and see what you guys think. Thanks :slight_smile:


Probably a couple weeks away

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I think you are still a week out. Keep checking trichs daily.

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Now is the time to spike the stalk and give ice baths

You still have lot of white pistils. Should be almost gone. U;timately the trichs are what you go by but the plant puts on the greatest weight I. The last couple of weeks and if you harvest early you pass up quite a bit of yield. Patience.

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Updated pics - all the same upper most bud




@rampage I would say wait at least another week call me crazy but it will be well worth the wait they look awesome but they will be killer if you can just hold off


You want all those little white pistols to turn red and boy it will make a huge difference in your quality don’t give me wrong you could cut it down now and it would work but it can be a lot better but you are really close and when I say better I mean a better smoke and Quality


Here’s another one, this one has pretty much all yellow hairs and severely yellowing leaves. There seems to be a good many clear trichomes though. Not sure.


Some more updated pics. Including a few plants here.





@Hogmaster @WickedAle @MattyBear and anyone else, thoughts now?

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Now your talking that looks a lot better


I agree. Looks to be ready from here :v::bear:


You have a similar problem to what I had with my Gold Leaf, buds are not stretched out. Probably light to close. When you harvest do a rough cut of fan leaves and the browned tips to trash, but save the other half of the leaves to the bud for bubble bag keif. There will be a lot of plant material in that second cut but that’s alright. Dry ice harvested my sugar leaves after they were dried with a 220 bag and 2lbs of dry ice and yielded almost 2 oz of good quality keif.

@MattyBear @Hogmaster All of them or just some? I was thinking of just taking the main colas for now and leaving the bottoms to mature some more, is that a good idea? They look similar but they aren’t very big.

@WickedAle I do have bubblebags so I was planning on that. The light actually couldn’t be farther, I had it as high up as it’d go.

You can stagger your harvest. No problem with that at all :v::bear:


Yeah what @MattyBear said @rampage Whatever suits you best how long they go it’ll just be sleepy weed your trikes are key to your high and what your looking for