Vivosun vs1000 review

Vivosun vs1000 has anyone used this in a grow what are your results

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Alot of growers have done reviews on this light have a look on YouTube for videos reviewing this light

Be careful about online reviews. The dishonest manufacturers place some of these and some individuals do it to get advertising affiliate dollars. Anyone stumping for burple type lights is a fraud, imho.

Vivosun vs1000 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy::joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile:


Hope this help you that is sativa dominant

Happy growing :green_heart::metal:


Welcome to the forum Chelo.
What size space are you wanting to light?
The Vivosun is a small light. It says its core area is 3x3 which may be true for lettuce but not cannabis.
The Vivison is an adequate light provided your expectations match what it is designed to deliver.
An alternative 100w light is Atreum-Hydra 1000. It received a high review from Coco for Cannabis.
Of course there is HLG. For a 2x2 space I would look at their 135 or new 200 Diablo

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Yes hlg for sure. They r a little pricey but pay up front now for the good or suffer and keep adding to make it right and by the end of the grow I’ll have double in money spent on lights lol. Work with what u have now a 2x2 area 1 plant enclosed to keep all light in and slowly expand or save to expand to a bigger spot unless u have the means to be able to go big from the start. Mars is okay lighting. I’d stick to spider farmer over Mars anyway tho. What size spot do u intend to have with how many plants per run. This will get us to knowing what kind of light u will need or want to get to supply that area with enough light. U can always go the cheaper route and do mh hps lights but to run them is close to almost double what u would pay to run anked at the same power

I have a 4×4 grow tent.

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This light came with my kit. well it’s good for vegging a smaller tent 2x2 maybe but our tent we bought is 4x4x8 so this light keep the plants in a dormant stage . GET a BIGGER and Better Light Trust me money well spend. I bought a Shzlux 4000 light for 159.00 Maybe a no name but it works wonderfully plants I restarted how grown great. I believe we will have a 1st indoors harvest in a few weeks. so look, resceah ,dont listen to all the blah,blah. decide for yourself and how much money you have. buy the best you can

Well, I’m going to toss in a plug for Green Beams lights. They only make a 240 and a 480. I bought a 240 ($179!) to replace a 300W light that was not of the same quality. No heat problems, and my girls are going hog wild. In fact, I’m ordering a second one soon. They even tossed in a 6 ft extension so you can put the driver out of the tent, and a bag of their own nutes - haven’t tried that yet, but may well do so on my next grow.

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Are you wanting to flower in the whole space? You will need more lights if you are.

How big is your tent and how many lights are you running?

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@MrRobot my tent is 2x2x4 just one vivosun and one of 15w for seedlings

The quality of light is essential for growing cannabis. The best natural light comes from the sun, which has the perfect UV spectrum that the plants need. The closer you are to the equator, the better the quality of sunlight is.

When the leaves of the plants start to overlap, it means they are mature enough to flower.

You can induce this by changing the light cycle to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

The plants will continue to grow for several more weeks, but they will already start to produce hormones that trigger flowering.

Please check out our guide about optimal lighting for cannabis plants for more information.