Viva Plant Revolution!

Hello to all you fine, freaky and funky farmers!

I just wanted to stop by and let you guys know about a little secret I just discovered.
Having shopped on Amazon for the majority of my indoor growing equipment, it gets a little tiresome having only one place to turn.

Planning my next grow, I had to locate and purchase some root treatment and soil health fish slurry. Amazon was WAY too high in price and not a single choice for an alternative. Then I remembered ‘Bing’. I’m sure as hell NOT going to use the “G” oogle, unless I HAVE too.

I found this cool web page, Plant Revolution, OK lets take a peek.
Nothing was out of stock, selections GALOR, prices are cheaper or in the same ballpark as amazon. I decided to place an order.

FastForward a bit: Got confirmation email Monday morning with tracking, and that’s after a Saturday purchase. I’m used to having to wait until Wednesday for a tracking number or confirmation of my purchase. NOPE, Monday morning before 10am it was in my email box with a shiny tracking link to follow my goods.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kids and Gramps, if you’re located in the USA and are having Amazon fatigue, give PlantRevolution a try. Here is a link

If anyone has a bad experience with this site or with their products PLEASE let me know. I don’t want to falsely promote a site with a bad reviews, even if mine was positive.

Thanks for the read and I hope this helps a little bit.

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If this is the wrong section for this post, please forgive me and put it where it belongs.
I only saw one thread about ‘Customer Experience’ and I wasn’t sure if it was JUST for ILGM customers only.

I just wanted to share a good experience and help get the word out that there are alternatives to amazon.


I removed link and will move to better location.

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Sorry to break it to you but the great white on Amazon was cheaper then on that site( at least for 8 oz) but if you want a cheap myko for soil mixing I found this

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Growers house has decent prices comparable to amazon also. Worth taking a look, and it does depend on the product.
I still shop as local as I can, coco is cheaper from my local hydro store at half the cost.


I was getting very tired and frustrated being directed to amazon for everything, hence the alternative link. I sincerely appreciate the tip and information though, much obliged.

I am in a location where growing anything but fingernails is considered beneath people.
In such a giant metropolitan area, “you don’t GROW your food, you get it at the chain stores, DUH!”
No hydro stores, no agriculture stores, even the garden sections of our Lowes and HomeDepot have NOTHING in stock or don’t carry what I’m looking for.

You think it would be a good idea to create a thread of trusted or reliable web sites or stores that are anything BUT Amazon?

Look, I’m a Capitalist with a capital “CAPITALIST” but I just get fatigue and disappointment shopping there all the time. Besides, we can help boost smaller businesses and help further the futures of smaller stores by supporting their efforts and employees.

Those are my 2 cents,
Thanks everyone for giving my post a read,
Hope everyone has a AWESOME weekend.

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