Vevor Electric Trimmer

Has anyone used the stand-alone electric trimmers for dry trimming?

I’m looking at a Vevor 16" Wet/Dry trimmer that is electric or manual. It has a stand so it sits off the floor and comes with a bag to catch the trimmings. $319 delivered.

Let me know pro or con if you have tried anything like it.

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Seems kinda sketch and cool but if I were you I would save the 180 bucks. I would buy a bowl trimmer (100 bucks) and some regular scissors for trimming and call it a day.

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I just bought a Trim Bag and love it! I watched several vids of comparing the bag to the bowl and was impressed. When I saw it in person, I thought it must be a joke but I threw all the buds, no matter the size, and it trimmed them all the same plus it’s kinda fun rolling that bag around lol…


Saw the video, seems to me it would knock a lot of the trics off.