Very limited space!

Due to limited space I’m thinking of a grow tent 3x3x78in!! My first question is will that space accommodate a 600w hps light. I’m really wanting to start my own grow and I want to do it right any help would be greatly appreciated.

most reflector hood are about 2 feet long/wide. so you should be able to fit in there easily.

in my opinion that is more than enough watts for that size area. but im no expert. maybe even 400w would suit better.

either will fit though. most likely.

Hey bud thanks I’m looking at a virtual sun 400 or 600w comes with hps mh bulbs that can be cool edwith an in line fan system. little confused though I’ve read loss of yield from 400 to 600 I’d rather go with the 600

Depends on how tall your are wanting to grow your plants. 600w would have a deeper penetration into your canopy for sure, thanks to the square inverse law of light. 400w would work in that tent just fine as well, once again depending on planned plant height.


To be honest I don’t want them real big wouldn’t a Scrog net be the answer ? Being a total Novice I’m only gonna have 1 plant to start

@hillcrest21678 has had amazing results with scrogging. Check out his grow journal on here, it is Monstercropped Goldleaf Scrog if I remember correctly.

I’ve seen a couple on Scrog enough to convince me I wanna try it