Grow room size and 600w HPS

I have a 6’ x 5’ x 7’ high grow tent with a 600w HPS … How many plants can I reasonably maintain with still getting a good yield ?


I think the biggest is 4×4 for a 600 any bigger and you won’t have enough light to get the outcome you desire.
Unless you have a light mover @Hammer @Aquaponic_Dumme

Generally speaking a 600watt’s footprint is 4x4, so in this case, Id plant a maximum of 4 plants, but you might fit 6 in the room.

Good luck, and happy growing :slight_smile:

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Right now I have 4 little bushes in there with another runt in the corner (this one I think will be the winner). My cuz sticks 6 plants in a shower with same wattage - plants look good and smoke is great but yield is low. Thanks for the input


Just one more question - can I ad another 600w to this size room?


Yes but with two you will definitely have to have air-cooled hoods,and exhaust the heat out,but with the extra intensity you would get killer thick buds

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Maybe yes, maybe no. As long as you have it well ventilated for heat, far enough away from the plants where they don’t get light burn, and CO2 may be needed to compensate for the extra light. I’d sooner recommend LED or a single 1000watt (5x5 footprint).



Just get yourself a 600 watt LED Mars Hydro, from eBay.
I just bought two today.

Thanks one and all - my current set up was totally free - all I paid for was the screws that holds it together, (that’s the room). Keepin a diary - and the growth in 11 days is phenomenal. Since I have 7’ to grow, on the advice of you experts, how long should I keep it in the veg stage - before switchin my bulbs and light cycles.

Like I said, I haven’t grown inside for 30yrs –

Thanks again