Makeshift marijuana grow tent

A question from a fellow grower:

do you think this setup will work fine: 600 W HPS light, a makeshift tent made out of plastic, tin foil on the tent walls, 20 liter buckets, regular plant dirt, and some cow manure for nutrients

I don’t know what you mean by makeshift out of plastic? Tin foil is not good for HPS reflection, you will get hot spots, nor is plastic as the plastic could melt or catch fire. You also don’t specify size, it might be too big or too small for 600 watt HPS.

Look around the website, there are tons of info on soil nutrients and how to mix them with organic materials like cow manure. One to four 20 liter (5 gallon) buckets can fit under a 600 watt HPS depending on the style of grow, check out the SOG and ScrOG, do a search in the “search the forum” box on those two things to decide what you want, a 600 watt HPS is good for about around as little as a square meter (3 foot by 3 foot) to almost as big as two meters x two meters (6 foot by 6 foot), it depends on a lot of things and on how you want to grow. Ideally I’d have one 600watt HPS per 5 foot by 5 foot space.

Well; To start off; You would want to build a 4’x’6’-6’x6’. Makeshift tent. I would invest in “Panda plastic” white on one side and black on the other. Fairly inexpensive. Sold @ hydro stores by the linear foot “LF”/ I buy it by the roll 50’ x 10’. It comes 10 feet wide or 12 feet wide. in 4 or 6 mil thickness. 2nd best in reflectivity to Mylar, but not by much.

By the time you tear up a bunch of tin foil and waste it; You could’ve bought a good product like Panda Plastic, or Mylar. Trust me. When building a grow space; Try to get the right products to begin with. this will make you and your plants happy for a long time.

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