Ventilation question... Setting up a CFM Inline fan with carbon filter

Hi Everyone,

So I bought this off amazon to try and help with ventilation and smell for the next grow…I am not near any windows so I usually use multiple fans to ventilate but the smell is hard to control.

VIVOSUN 6 Inch 440 CFM Inline Fan with Speed Controller, 6 Inch Carbon Filter and 8 Feet of Ducting Combo for Grow Tent Ventilation

I am not too familiar with these…
Do I have to use a grow tent in order to use this or can I set this up in a normal grow closet?
Also is this safe? I just want to make sure I am not pumping toxic air outside the grow room…

Appreciate any responses and expertise, thank you!

I prefer AC Infinity products (particularly their fans) as they are much more efficient than other products.

The air coming out is just fine. No need to worry. The air coming out is more clean than your ordinary room air, so you could argue that it is more healthy. The only thing the filter system is doing is removing airborne particles.

If you are looking to control smell then you need a closed environment where the air system pulls a negative pressure (e.g. pulls in the sides of a tent) so that no unfiltered air escapes. If you can seal your closet fairly well then it should be fine.


That’s the fan I use. I think it works pretty well. It’s quieter than the hydro crunch 4 inch fan I had going

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And will this ventilate the tent properly or do I need to purchase a 2nd fan to ventilate air back into the tent?

I have a 10" fan blowing into one of the lower ports in my tent. It is needed when your tent is closed. Your plant(s) need a steady supply of CO2 to grow and do well.

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Where are you going to send the hot air though? An exhaust should lead to somewhere, your attic, out an window, thru a wall to outside, into a different room. Does little good to just blow it out tent just to have the hot air sucked right back in.

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@MidwestGuy @Hellraiser
I was planning on setting up my grow tent in the closet, it’s a large under the stairs closet. I was going to ventilate the tent and pull fresh air from the closet room itself. So I’ll need to buy another fan… Is it okay to pull fresh air from the room the grow tent is in?

There is a storage room adjacent to this closet. I could cut through and pull air from that room but that room is very dusty.

Appreciate the help with this!

I’d pull air from the closet its in as long as it not sealed up too much and can draw fresh air from other places, and I’d exhaust into that storage room, want to exhaust the hot air somewhere else, not same room as tent. I just use one 400+ cfm fan per tent, it creates enough of a negative air pressure that fresh air just gets sucked in through the lower vents of the vent. I don’t need an fan pushing air in.