Vacuum Mason Jars

When my plants are ready to harvest, I will be going on vacation for (2) months and will not have time to properly cure my buds. What is the best way to store them so they don’t get mold. I read freezing them is not possible. Is that true?

I was thinking maybe I could put the buds in a vacuum mason jar and store them in my refrigerator. Would that work?

I’d appreciate any suggestions.


I don’t know but I’m glad you asked this question because I also have some vacuum sealed bud that wasn’t quite done curing and I just opened it after several weeks and it looks absolutely no different than when I vacuum sealed it

Now don’t get me wrong, unlike yours these were almost completely done, but not quite. I figure I’ve got another week to open jars every 12 hours, but they stayed fine, no mold no off-smell, their perfect

I’m hoping we get this answer because I’m new to using these vacuum sealers myself, good luck and I’ll be following along hopefully we can both find out :thumbsup:


Following as well…

If you get no answers, I’d put a humidity pack in each jar and vacuum seal them. Personally, I’m not one for putting weed in the refrigerator or freezer, especially the freezer.


I just started using those packs as well and had great success bringing older weed back but in newer and fresher weed I found it just wouldn’t let it dry

that’s why these weren’t done in time I mean that’s what I’ve noticed but I like I said I’m new to vacuum sealing and to humidity packs so I’m very interested too!


I plan on try this vacuum sealer thing out when I harvest also so I’m intrigued was planning on getting the packs also
Will be following with interest :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I’m actually testing out a theory, I have one good size bud, well dried and somewhat cured in my refrigerator since Oct. . I am leaving till mid April-May, I"ll let ya know how that worked out.


@FyshhTrap Tag me when you do bro :+1::v:

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Great Thanks!


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