Using the wrong soil

I’ve got seedling in gallon pots but the soil is the type that feeds for six months. I was planning on using that until I got the right soil thinking I wold be moving to larger pots quickly.

After reading here more it seems like a gallon pot might be big enough for the whole grow cuz I’m not trying for a monster my first run.

I’ve got four seedlings, 2 are ten days since germination and 2 are 3 days. Is the soil a big enough problem that I should be transplanting them or will they be ok for a while?

I’ve got coir and just got nutrient bottles today so I’m planning on using that method after this.

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Decisions, decisions…

If it were me I would wait until they are approx 10” tall and take clones, once rooted put these in your preferred media, meanwhile you can see what happens with the soil.

But, it is possible to pack the soil around the seedling, get a large spoon, and scoop them out gently.

Let’s see what @Covertgrower thinks.

Mostly depends on how long you intend to veg for. One gallon containers do work, but they do dry out quickly. For a newer grower, I would recommend 2-3 gallon sized container minimum to flower in.

Again, this depends on how long you’re trying to veg then flip. If you’re only looking for 4 week veg then flip, one gallon will work. If you don’t have too busy of a schedule to water and feed every other day, to every day, then one gallon containers will work for you. Not everyone’s schedule is the same.