Vegging in one gallon pot, how long?

Like the title says, about how long can I push my plants in one gallon pots before transplanting? I’m looking for a rough idea of when to start round two in my 2x2 as the 4x4 finishes. Ideally, I will max out the one gallons right as I’m ready to harvest the 4x4 to keep constant flow. Just regular potting mix / soil medium, if that matters

Way to Small my starting pots are 2.5 gall after I take them from their solo cup starting cups that will be root bound in no time

Could you elaborate on “no time.” Are we talking two weeks from breaking ground, a month? If I could make it to the one month mark I’d be okay with that, would give me enough time to tip or fim, recover, then into flowering tent. Don’t mind small plants for now. more interested in trying as many strains as possible.

You could veg for a long time, if you stay on top of watering and feeding. I’ve flowered in one gallons works just fine. Just depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Ok, thanks…I was also looking for taller skinnier potting options to get the best of both worlds. For two gallon plus options the skinniest fabric pots I can find are right around 8in diameter. Anybody know of any good skinny options at 2 plus gallons…under 6 inches would work best for the space I’m looking at and how many strains I want going at the same time.

I see what you’re doing, but cannabis tends to have a wider footprint type root system. They don’t go real deep.
About that size I would look for the dimensions in a plastic pot.
I have this size:

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Thank you for that! My next question was going to be about that exact topic, will the roots fill downward in a skinny pot. Read my mind. Guess I’ll just have to stick with the one gallons. I don’t need lbs. Variety is where it’s at.

It’s a challenge to grow variety. Besides the height factor, I’ve found it challenging to satisfy everyone’s individual nutrient needs. Some get nutrient burn, and some don’t. It can be done, but have an understanding going in. Hope that helps. @Eagles009

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Heard, will keep in mind.

With Cloth smart pots I have 7gal pots but you can fold the tops down or out to make the size smaller and great for helping not overwater and with air to the roots and I mean no time as in less then a month, like he said won’t kill u but I always go for top quality while utilizing every inch possible but I care a lot about yield so that’s why I have my heavy hitters in 15 gal pots I flower in 7gall for most though and start in cups go to gallon an a half or a 3 the switch before flowering into its final pot

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Got ya, thanks for the info