3 gallon pot enough?

So I have this girl in a 3 Gallon pot, I transplanted 10 days ago and roots are coming out the bottom already. Should I transplant to a 5 gallon, or bigger ?. I was going to switch to flower this weekend. She’s 20” tall right now.

great job so far… i made the switch to grow bags a while back which has simplified my life but given what you said about your environment i would trasnplant her into a bigger pot before flipping to be safe… 5 gal should work fine i would think…


A good rule of thumb is a gallon per foot of height.

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Thanks for the info. You plants look great by the way :+1:

Thanks I’ll keep this in mind for the next one

thanks and yours do as well… should be some great stuff you got going there

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Reallyit comes down to grow space. If you want fair sized buds no smaller than 5 gallon. Personally Id use 7 gallon for ability to have larger yield. I cut down about almost 11 ounces total when it was all dried and cured from a 4 x 4 tent using 5 gallon fabric pots. Hoping for a pound my next run.


I used 4 5 gallons tp get it. Admit it could’ve been more but I made some mistakes.

How many plants in the 4x4? Just 4?

Yes. I used lst and filled tent. 4 months of growth.