Containers or pots

When transplanting small seedlings that are in a 3" biogradable medium, can i go right to my 3 or 5gal flowering pot.

It might be advisable to transplant into 1 gallon or 6 liter pots, before trans planting into 3-5 gallon pots.

It is advisable to hold off transplanting into the bigger pots before flower. Use the smaller 1 gallon-6 liter. Happy growing. Peace

latewood, what is the reasoning for your answer.? Just wondering.

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If you go from seedling into bug pot straight away, then your roots will grow mostly down and leave 50% or more medium wasted. If you go from starter pot, then 1 gallon pot, you get better root mass throughout the entire pot with little wasted medium.

if you got flowering plants whos roots are showing out the bottom do they need to be transplanted and if they are not tranplanted then what?

Check this article out:

important to transplant plants with the soil in which they have been growing; this helps to eliminate shock that might occur from a sudden change in habitat
-Robert i cant get that same soil again and im in 4th wk flower the article only makes reference to transplanting during veg at this point in time what would be benefitted by transplanting

You likely won’t see any significant benefit by trying to transplant into a bigger container at this stage int the game. If you are very careful not to stress or damage the root ball you could attempt putting it in a larger container as you maybe have 4-6 weeks to go depending on strain, but in flower you want the plant devoting most of its resources to bud development so you might not get much more root growth anyway in the larger container. Maybe the best thing to do at this stage, depending on the size of your grow room, is make note for the next grow and use a larger container next time.