Germinating, light or dark, Transplanting?

Bergman suggest germinating with 36 W of light. Every place else I read suggest germinating in the dark. What’s the rationale of one approach versus the other?

Also everybody suggests transplanting at least once and sometimes several times. What’s the point of all the transplanting as opposed to just putting a seed in Rapid Rooter which is then placed its final container. I would think that each time you Transplant is going to cause some shock. Please explain?



Germinating a seed buried in soil or media like a peat plug or rapid rooter plug, to the seed it is still dark even if a light is on. I think the recommendation under a 36 W light is only to supply warmth to the media. So you don’t need a germinating heat pad.

I agree, you don’t need to transplant numerous times, usually most people only do it once, the seed or clone is started in a small container and then when ready to grow it out and flower it, it is transplanted into its final larger container.

thanks for your insight.

Is there any reason to transplant at all? why not just put the growing plug right in the final container?

Only real reason not to is a small plant doesn’t need as big a container and for most, with limited space, the “grow/veg” room is smaller than the “flower/bloom/bud” room is, also a smaller plant and container is easier to move around. Most people will have a small number, one or two, maybe a small few growing in the flowering room into rather large plants and have maybe many many small seedling or clones in the veg/grow room. This does a few things, most of your energy is spent training and maintaining your flowering plants which is where you will notice the most results for your efforts, and then only the best seedlings or clones are kept when the time is ready to be grown into large plants in the flower room to replace what was removed and harvested. If a few week seedlings or clones start to die of, no big deal, you got the strongest ones surviving to become really good flowering plants.

The reason it is best to transplant from a small vessel to a larger vessel, after germination; Is the fact that if you plant a seedling into a large…let’s say 3 gallon/13 liter pot; You roots will grow down towards the water, and not outward; Utilizing only 40-50% of the medium in the pot;

Now. Planting a rooter cube into a 1 gallon pot, assures you that the plant will fill the pot with roots, and after transplanting into the larger pot; the roots will thrive and fill the larger pot to 80% + Give or take :slight_smile: Wasting virtually no medium.

Do not stress over shocking your plant. Be gentle and nurture your plant during the transition. Peace

That helps


Yes, what Latewood said is a technique that is used as well to develop root mass, also keeping a plant in a small root-bound container is sometimes used to delay the overall size of the plant, again, a technique and personal style of growing for the type of schedule that might be required depending on how the grower’s room or rooms are set up and the schedule they need to follow. The root bound technique apparently is not recommended for autoflower strains as apparently once they get root bound they might start to flower and will not get bigger even if moved to a bigger container…

Great info! Now; I was not talking about causing the plant to be root bound, but you brought up a great point that I should adress.

I am going to write an article on this; So I am not going into too much depth. I have friends in the UK who are Sativa crazy 8-O I was privy to trials; Whereas, Sativa growers would severely limit root growth, and light photo periods; IN order to harvest a mature Sativa plant in 90-120 days from seed. It works. I tried it.

Yeah, I wasn’t saying you were talking about intentionally having a plant become root bound. But that keeping a plant in a smaller container forcing the roots to fill the limited space, which is part of your technique for growing this large lateral root system, it would eventually lead to being root bound if not transplanted and root bound is another technique used for various reasons and another reason for transplanting numerous times before settling on a final sized container.

No offense taken; It is hard to read intent in a few lines of text. I just attempt to continue the conversation for the betterment of the community. :slight_smile:

In my experience. Most times; there will not be more than 3 transplants. starter to 1 gallon. 1 gallon to 3 gallon. (inside; this is probably it; (Unless you have a barn!) 3 gallon to BIGASS Container; As most Commercial Outdoor Cali growers practice. 18-30 gallon; I suspect.

For home growers; Too large of a container costs too much too set up or maintain. my reasoning on the Max. 3 gallon for most growers. Simple, inexpensive, and fruitful. :smiley:

Interesting info on the sativas!

Yeah; Plants exhibit a strong Sativa pheno can be a pain in the butt. Especially in a linited grow space; Some thai strains or equatorial strains can take for \ever to finish.

It has become common practice to transplant Sativa seedlings into 6 liter pots for the duration of the grow. Use 12/12 photperiod from the start of transition. More later :idea:

Hey Late, can you provide a simple step by step for transplanting seedlings into their final container? Can I do it in the heat of the afternoon? Thanks for your help

  1. In soil, I do not re-pot a seedling to final pot
    2.Prepare pot with medium for seedling, pop seedling out of starter vessel. Place in new pot, back fill with medium, and then water it in.

It does not matter when you re-pot, but I prefer in the heat, as plant will want to drink after being transplanted, and this cannot happen in the dark

Thank you, I started seedlings in soil small pots. Now I’m transplanting to smart pots using pro mix hp. I couldn’t easily find the the bx. Anything special I should know or is this okay? Again thank you

Ps will the hp be a good medium in your opinion?

Late would you forgive me if I asked to many questions but I am definitely a beginner. I know it is just a weed and should just grow but I really want good results and it’s obvious that you are a wealth of information thanks for your time and have a nice night. Roger