Seeds and bucket sizes

I’m reading your book and thank you for all your hard and important work Robert. On seeds u say they can be transplanted to a 2-5 gallon bucket and stay for the rest of their life. You seem to imply it might be better to plant seeds in these larger sized buckets from the start instead of small pots as to not need to transplant and possibly shock the seedling/plant. Is this true or do u recommend for seeds we start with a small pot? I think I would prefer to start with a large one from the start to minimize the need to move and mess with it

It depends on the seed. It could also depend on the style of the grow. A bunch of smaller plants in a sea of green style grow. it doesn’t make much sense to deal with a bunch of transplanting.

Also the desired time frame could be a determining factor. Ideally a plant will grow its fastest, largest, healthiest, and ripen/finish in the shortest amount of time with the highest yield if all conditions are perfect, any stress, transplanting, training, pruning, disease, etc. can all slow development as the plant diverts energy to heal or repair itself. People that don’t have to worry about a short a time schedule can train monster plants with numerous huge flowers and get huge yields, but they plan for slightly longer vegetative seasons than if they didn’t need the plant to recover a bit before putting it into the 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness daily photo period required for the flowering season.

Autoflowers should be started in a large container from the get go as apparently they shoot a tap root down to the bottom very quickly and/or any root crowding will limit their overall size and will have them flower sooner.

Regular photo period strains usually are developed to have large root balls. By starting in a small container and letting it get nearly or slightly root bound, and then graduate up a couple of times, you make more efficient use of the size you have by having the roots fill out the entire container instead of just growing towards the bottom of the container.

Hey thanks. So then I can start in a larger bucket and the roots will be searching for the bottom of it normally and it’s all good. Alright! I was worried if it was too big it might get confused? But that doesn’t make sense as in nature there are usually not many limits if any. Thx Stoner.