Using old soil for next grow

Hey I’m a first time grower and I’m just about to harvest my first grow…my soil is ocean forest and I wanna reuse the soil…is that something I’m able to do?

Yes, not ideal but I’ve seen growers do it. You’ll need to monitor PPMs from the get-go.


I have re-used my previous years soil for the last 3 years and plan to again. I grow in bags outdoors in NorCal Bay area. After the season, now, I take the soil out of bags and sift out large amount of root mass, spread out on tarps check PH levels and re-amend the soil with natural ingredients such as alfalfa pettets, bat quanos, all the things my plants have used over the previous year. I have/had used many different resources to make the mix of soil, it took a lot of reading and trial-and-error (oops, not enough nitrogen…) and I make a compost tea to feed during the different growth and/or strain. Read up over winter, unless growing indoor, then read up and take the little extra bit of time, you’ve got it with COVID around. Good reading and have fun growing the best that you can!!


I reuse my soil (FFHappy Frog) but rebuild it, adding a living soil mix after thoroughly flushing it. I usually do it in large batches of 20-40 gal. It’s not so much the investment in soil as convenience as a good living soil mix is spendy. First use the nutes in the soil get me to flowering, amend after that.