Used a fertilizer made from banana peels, would this be the reason my girl has gone into flower?

A question of a fellow grower:
Hi I have a question. I’ve been using a fertiliser made from banana peels which is full of potassium and phosphorus with small amounts of nitrogen and other macro Nutrients for my whole grow. Would this be the reason my girl has gone into flower with still one month before summer has ended here in South East Qld Australia. Plant is a mango Kush fem.

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How old is the plant?

Banana is real hi in potassium fam

What are the sunrise and sunset times there? How much daylight is the plant getting?


I just looked up sunrise/sun set table. Looked like 13 hours sunrise to sun set. Looks like just the natural progress of the plant.


My outdoor grows start flowering about the time we hit 14hrs of sunlight/day. Usually mid august.


Seed sprouted it’s first leaves September 29.

Not September 29 that plant died November 11

Bro it’s the normal time for them to switch outside as we are losing day light hours. Over here in nz we’re losing 2 mins a day

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Its doing its natural thing for this time of year on the Goldcoast or in that area, I have lived and grown in the same area, let it do its thing mate, Just like @anon78295680 said its the normal time for them to switch.


@anon78295680 @Hungrybud thanks for your advice much appreciated as your both within the same part of the world.


This is my one. @Aussieandy

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Cannot open


Beautiful green btw im not from there im actually from the midwest usa.

@Killadruid sorry my bad

It all good i am well traveled and know alot about different parts of the world. Love ur plants btw. What strain again?

@Killadruid Mango Kush Fem

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Yummy. I forgot the last time i had some of that. Has to be at least 5 yrs.