Male? What say you?

Hi group,
I found a bag seed and just planted it outdoors not expecting anything but it’s growth has been pretty explosive. I just saw what I believe is a Male Banana and would like some more experienced opinions. I realize being bag seed it has a good chance of being a hermaphrodite as well.
Whatcha’ Think?

Too early, could also be a little calyx… another week or so at least tp be certain.

Unlikely to come out of the box as a herm…typically requires some stressor (mostly human involvement)


I need to learn this too.


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Too early for my eyes to tell.

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Thanks Pet_de_Chien
My grow tent comes tomorrow so I guess I’ll put it in on a 12-12 cycle and see what pops up.

My eyes aren’t what they used to be. Lol

From the looks of that pic and the state of maturity of the calyx that plant looks premature for a flower flip, maybe post a full view shot and some details about your grow.
A response as I gave is only as good as the info provided… and I’m only making a statement on a very limited observation / single node of a plant…so???

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Here’s a full on pic. It’s an outdoor grow and the plant is about five weeks old at this point. No Nutes just seed thrown in MG Organic potting soil. Tent should be here tomorrow and Nutes on Wednesday. It’s 17" tall

She/he looks really healthy… keep or save gonna be a few days yet. Don’t let anxiety win!

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I have pretty much the same situation ( new grower) and nobody here will guide you wrong! I bug the poor people here alot lol, but what I keep being told is “patience, time will tell”
I’m at 8 weeks and true signs should show anytime from what I’m told. If you’re anything like me, good luck with gaining patience lol

And good luck, hope you have a beautiful little girl

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Yep, to early. Hope you don’t run into issues using miracle grow. I think that has the nitrogen pellets in it, but I’m not 100% sure. If it says feeds up to x amount of months it does.

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It’s the organic but says feeds up to 3 months. I expect trouble.
I’ll get a ppm meter before adding any nutes so I can keep an eye on it.

Live and learn I guess.
Could I keep it in Veg state and keep topping until I see the Ppm drop?


You can keep it in veg as long as you want. Or you could transplant. I’d probably just ride it out since you’ve already invested the money in that soil.

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It’ll be a good first learning experience if nothing else.
Thanks for advise

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Not liking the looks of this. Any advise from more experienced growers?

Not looking good. lol

That’s just a small leaf growth. Nothing to worry about. Nothing even showing sex there. This is just a couple days after this one said it was a girl.

This is zoomed way in and the vertical stalk was smaller than a pencil at that point.

Thanks for the advise. The anticipation is murder

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No kidding. Every day, for two weeks almost, I looked at those same hairs thinking “is this it??!”

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