Outdoor grow UK East newbie

Hi All,
Newbie grower here, two plants given by friend which are now 4ish foot high and starting to flower.
I have let nature control this as tbh, time to work on these was non existent this summer.
So I have a couple of healthy plants and they are just starting to flower I think.
1 strain is unknown and is more advanced than the other (which is a master kush).
Both have to be photo as they are months old!
I potted them up in simple compost and used a bit of growmore at that stage. No other nutrients added while vegging. I’ve used a bit of father in law’s home made banana water feed over the last week. No idea if it’s any good!!!

I have moved them into the greenhouse to afford more warmth and protection.
Now I know I have missed loads of important interventions and techniques from the get-go but what’s my best course of action from hereon in, just past mid September East of England, to get the best yield from these ladies please?


Howdy Naturegrow
Looking good. :+1:
Might want to do some lst on plants to keep away from roof and make sure you have plenty of fresh air to avoid powdery mildew.

I am not familiar with the location. What are the day and night temperatures like?

I haven’t used it yet but banana water is high in potassium that the need for flowering.

We are still getting warm days but nights are dropping to the low 50’s. I am hoping my outside grow is ready for harvest before the first frost.

Best to you!


@JaneQP @Hashtonbutcher thanks, daytime temp range forecast for coming week daytime 13 - 23 night 11 - 19. So a low of 50F and a high of 73F. Any idea of predicted time needed for good buds from this early white hairy stage?
Kush is about a week behind the unknown which is teeming with bud sites. Do I just feed and water and let em do their thing?

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@Hashtonbutcher I am a complete novice, what’s 1st? I will move them into centre to stop roof contact and there are vents in green house plus a missing roof pane!!! Well away from the plants.

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LST= low stress training
You want gently bend and tie down top of plants to keep them getting too close to roof of greenhouse.
Will get pretty humid up there.
Just type in LST in search panel and you will see examples.

6 weeks maybe.
How long have they been in flower?

Thank goodness I speak a little Celsius working in a lab for years. Are those your greenhouse temperatures or outdoors?

When did they first form a bud? My naked eye says about two-three weeks ago? If so, 5-? more weeks depending on the strain in my opinion.

I was able to harvest a fast one last week but the rest will probably be ready the end of Oct or early Nov. They are in 20 gallon bags and we can’t carry them in every night to keep them warm.

Again best to you!

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@Hashtonbutcher they started about ten days ago, I will measure the temps tomorrow as out and about today. I assume they will stretch? So will try the LST. Thanks for advice. Will keep posted.
@JaneQP I did add F temps!!! You old fashioned lot!

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Haha…not me ,I am in OZ…Celsius down here, we are having a heatwave in spring 36 degrees Celsius :flushed: I am dreading summer ,had top temps over 43 Celsius last year. :flushed:

@Hashtonbutcher sensible. We have a clement September so far, just checking the long view for Sept - Oct.

LOL My class was supposed to be he metric generation! But that 70’s experiment failed. I can’t remember last time I saw km speed limit sign or bi-speedometer recently. Everything reverted to miles and gallons and feet and furlongs per fortnight and short tons and long tons, and cubits and hands. Okay I digress on units. Just sucks in my profession when I had to convert everything to metric for a program and convert the output back to old fashioned units.:rofl::rofl:

@JaneQP we haven’t adopted m in UK and never will but all fine measures are in mm etc. We got halfway to metric conversion but just couldn’t give up our beloved miles … I’ve read that watering should be cut down when flowering. Yes or no? And do you know if the banana water can hurt?

All I have read is banana peel water can be very strong and should be diluted 1:10.

The plants will naturally stop drinking as much.

Welcome to the community! Plants look good. Looks like they just started flowering. It takes 8 to 10 weeks from first sign of pistils. Let the countdown begin.
Happy growing.

@4204life thanks, I think temperature outdoors will be v chilly, also damp in that timescale so will need to keep an eye on them for mould etc. May try a greenhouse heater.