Surprised to see flowers forming on my Banana Kush outdoor grow

As the title states, I noticed flowers on my outdoor Banana Kush plants, as early as July 11, 2020.
Here’s some pics. I’m near Detroit, and our sunlight period is still pretty long.
Is it odd? Or are they on track for an early harvest?

Must not be unusual then. I just thought it was quite early for first blooms in Michigan. :roll_eyes:

can i ask you how old your plants are?

They were solo cup clones I bought on June 3.
Here they are now.


This is when I first transplanted them. 5 days after I got them.


It’s been about 1 month since the photo I shared of all 3 plants. Here’s an updated photo of my 3 banana kush.


Looking great

I’ve got 6 GDP clones outdoors now that are showing flowers and had the same question/confusion.

It’s not about hours of sunlight as you yourself figured out I believe.

Really it’s about the maturity of the plant. I think if there’s plenty of daylight but you’re kids are ready to make babies, just keep an eye on them lol
For me this transition question is about whether you continue to trim or remove Bud sites or just let them go and hope they stretch….that’s a good problem to have I think as evidenced by your beauty’s in blue buckets……

Plenty of time to pack on the flowers and trichomes. If anyone has other insights I’m certainly interested.

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