Update on my seed issues

I want to thank everyone for there advice , it’s been a long week and I am over it ,moving on last week I shared my struggle with seed’s ,yes seed’s. After some stupidity and plan bad luck. I got a bunch of taproots , I tried so many I completely lost track of strain. Anyways I used a seed mat and I used 2 cups 1 in the other and used a cap of hydrogen peroxide and a bottle of R.O. water , I got that Luke warm and pour in the double Solo cup and added my seed’s I found something to keep the light out since the mat is in a tent and 18 hrs later they cracked next I switched to the paper towel method and I’m crossing my fingers but I think I have found something that just might work. Thanks again


I missed the other post documenting your struggle. Sorry to hear you’re having issues.

Have you tried this: just drop a seed in a shot glass of tap water, put it in a dark place and wait for it to crack (a day or two), then put it in soil about a knuckle deep. It’s simple and effective (since ~1979).


Hi @Jeepdude I just ran across a great thread that I believe will help you out problem is I don’t know enough to get you there but I remember it was Mr @merlin44 that posted it. I’m sure he will stop by and help you get to the thread.
Good luck

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Nature figured this out millions of years before the first human. All the extra steps like soaking and so on are mainly for our benefit to have real time feedback so you know you have a viable seed before plopping it into your medium. So sure, if you create the ideal conditions of heavy hydration around 78F followed by a moist airy medium it will give you the best chance of successful germination.

Example you wouldn’t ever need hydrogen peroxide if it was in soil, that’s just to kill to off a contaminant that could grow around the seed in the water. It also allows you to give the seed manufacture feedback with risking rooting around and damage the seed in a fragile stage.

Don’t misread what I’m saying. I’m not saying to ignore the seed bank recommendation. I’m not saying the steps don’t work either. I am saying that natures natural method is very effective considering you’re giving it a nudge by planting it in a fertile medium. There is a whole lot of over complication in the weed growing community that makes the learning curve harder than it need be.

My first successful germination was in the carpet of the floorboard of a '66 impala with leaky windows. All because that’s where I tossed the seeds when rolling some home grown back in the early 80’s. Not just one close to a dozen. I guess carpet, and who knows what crud make a fertile environment and nutrients.

I get your anxiety; seeds aren’t cheap and we all want to get rolling with our grows. Combine that with setbacks are frustrating. Until you get some successful results it may not go away but when does it will likely be diminished greatly. I think we’re all rooting, pun intended for you, grow, grow, grow!


step 1:start with solid feminized genetics.

step 2: combine 20 oz bottle of water,clonex solution (not gel) 1ml, rapid start 1ml , 1/2 tsp great white and 1ml hydroguard

step 3: soak a coir puck with your solution from above until its full, pop yur seed into a coir puck

step 4:stick under a t10 (i use a Super Sprouter prop kit)

…within 72 hours you should have a viable seedling …toss it into your medium. this has never failed me


This thread and some of the others in this topic may help you find something that works for you:


this is good advice @anon74009880

H2O2 also provides oxygen to the seed’s environment.


That is not why you used it, it’s to kill off pathogens through oxidation. Heavily diluted the seed\root will survive where bacteria wont. To create meaningful amounts of O2 would kill the roots. Right out of the bottle it’s already heavily diluted, as disinfectant typically 3% by 9% it will burn healthy skin and you’re diluting that even more to about 0.06%. So it’s an insignificant amount but not zero at any rate.

The grow medium is only going to hold the O2 that atmospheric pressure allows for in that medium and it’s hydration level. So if you add more it will disperse rather quickly to whatever level it can hold. Plus water will displace the O2 which is why over watering is such common problem. I know that, I still do it all the time with seedlings.

personally, i don’t use H2O2 to germ seeds as i have had great success without it. but it sounds like you know your stuff.