Unhealthy plants ,need help

Hi all, i am about 3 months into my first ever grow and tent grow any advice on what im doing wrong or missing.
Ive added in cal mag as per the lable mixed in with the other nutrients by nutrifield as per the lable.
And watering till point of run off every couple of days.
And feeding once a week.
Soil is coco peat and grow light is spider farmer sf1000
Og kush strain.
Any advice or tips would be appreciated
From Sydney Australia

Is not soil. It’s an innert medium. What are your pH levels? And up the feed to everyday or at least every other day. I feed full strength jacks every single day in coco. Because innert mediums don’t offer anything in the way of feed for the plant. Peat holds water a little better than Coco. But is also innert as far as feeding goes.

With your medium shoot for 5.8-6.0 pH…

They are obviously starving. Just make sure pH stays in. Way up feed schedule. Only ask about pH because a starving plant with throw out the root zone. Just a heads up.


What @Budz said. Coco has to be watered and fed at least every other day. With peat you may get away with every other day, but they’re starving.


Yea exactly as stated above. In coco water/feed everyday. Get yourself a tds and ph meter and get your runoff numbers. Happy cake day! @Budz

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Dumb question, but what ph tester do you recommend? Amazon had some but reviews were mixed.

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Only dumb questions are the ones not asked. I use a Hanna ph tester. I think a lot of people on here use an apera one.


I use Apera

I use


Cheapest for pH pen I’d go


Make sure to get a combo kit ofc. Since you’ll need a reliable way to calibrate. Both the ones I linked are


Thank you so much!! Y’all are lifesavers lol i’m over here stressing about these dang plants and this forum has helped so much


Search for hellraiser threads and you’ll have everything you need to know from seed to harvest.

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Thank you times 10. This is one of those things im goad i waited on. I would have bought twice and now i can grab the right one. I saw this exact one on amazon and it was a little more expensive than the others, but if it works then it is worth the money imo. Especially when it comes to something where accuracy matters