New grower planning to use coco - I’m overwhelmed trying to get started

Just ordered my first set of seeds and while waiting arrival I’m getting things set up. I have a grow tent kit on the way so I will be indoor growing. I’m completely overwhelmed trying to figure out growing medium. I have bricks of coco I use for my vegetable garden seedlings so planned to use that. While reading the forum I see all these tips and tricks for nutrients and feeding but since I’m new I have no idea what they all mean. I ordered the nutrient kit beginner bundle from ilgm but now worry it’s the wrong stuff to use with coco.

Can someone completely dumb down what I need to buy for nutrients and what I need to mix up with the expanded coco?

I have 2 gallon sized grow bags and plan to do 4 auto flower plants. One plant per bag.

I’m so worried I’m going to screw it up.



WELCOME… Im an outdoor grower so I expect other members will chime in…and don’t worry “screwing up is part of learning to grow”…Happy Growing.


Is your Coco pre buffered?
I use pre buffered but double buffer with Cal Mag.
You will need Cal Mag Nutrients as well as quality pH pen and TDS or EC pen.
Will also need pH up and pH down to adjust nutrients.
When mixing nutrients ,I always add Cal-mag first then add other nutrients.
Best advice I can give is to visit here


Jack’s 321 is the easiest to use for Coco. You don’t need extra calmag with their formula. Since Coco has no summons I do add that.

pH up and down, TDS meter and a decent pH pen are in order as stated above. It’s a little laborious, but Jack’s and Coco will give you great results.


Agree with all said from @Underthestairs. Rehydrate your coco using jacks 321 at 800-1000PPMs and a PH of 5.8, as mentioned you’ll need a TDS and PH pen…2 very critical pieces of gear. Soak your seeds until they crack and a tail appears and drop them about 1/4-1/2” deep in the moistened coco and wait for the seedling to break ground. Once this happens mist the inside of a clear solo cup and cover the seedling. For autos to flourish the 1st 3 weeks of growth are paramount with temps at 76-84 and RH of 65-75%, the dome will provide the needed humidity, remove the dome daily to remist and feed about 2-3 ounces around the outside of the dome every other day to promote root growth. Remove the dome once the leaves are touching the side. Coco needs daily fertigation and start feeding this plant to run off once the 4th -5th node is showing and start a log book with your input and run off numbers, important to feed to liberal run off to keep a salt free healthy root zone. Lighting is another critical piece of equipment, what light will you be using? A lot of info to consume my friend and you’re in a great place to learn with a ton of support from the Grow Fam :love_you_gesture:


Not much I can add to the already posted excellent advice from this pro community :+1:

I’ll just post to say; don’t forget that coco is actually a hydroponic medium, and requires those metrics when talking about nutrients and water conditioning. They are not the same as when grown in soil. I know you’ve said you’ve used coco, so you probably already know that, but they tend to get confused in the forum chatter sometimes, so don’t let that snag you up.


I recommend that before you get very far, find a mentor. There are plenty that are well experienced with growing in coco on this forum.

That person can guide you with what tools, lights, fans, nutrients etc you’ll need so you won’t waste your time or dollars.

Just create a post asking for a mentor and give a short summary of what you want to accomplish. Then do what they recommend


This is excellent advice as “too many cooks in the kitchen” can lead to more frustration than resolution.


Wow! Ok. I have so much to learn. Thank you all for the advice. Never knew there was so much involved. Guess I’m busting out a notebook, new cart, and going down the rabbit hole this weekend.

A mentor sounds great! Anyone here on the thread interested in helping an ol’ gal out? Lol

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I agree with @HotAndHumid find someone as they mentioned and go from there because they are so much info very easy to get confused my friend happy growing


I’m always happy to answer a tag! I’m not always available, but I help when I can. :metal: throw the @ sign and anyone’s name to get their attention


@CT33. Welcome to the community.

Coco and jacks 321 for me. On 4th grow, 60 + yr old novice.

Good luck, look forward to seeing some ladies soon.


I’m 58 and doing my 4th grow right now. Coco and Jacks 321. There is so much I don’t know about this hobby. All 4 grows in coco with Jacks. The good/bad points using this method are the same to me. You have to feed and water every day after about 2 weeks from sprouting, and your plants will not receive anything you don’t feed them. All of the above advice is great. There are people on this forum feeding the exact same Jacks mix from start to finish. My advice is start a grow journal in the “show your grow” section in the support forum. Take as many pics and post them in it as you can. Tag people with the @CT33 mark in front of their name to ask a question of someone. Tag me and I will follow your journal even though I’m not close to being mentor status. All 4 of my grows are on one journal I’ll tag you in there if you want to laugh at someone else just starting 2 years ago and still figuring stuff out. My current grow is about 7 weeks above ground and a few days into flower.

Read journals from other growers using coco, I have learned more from other people asking questions that I hadn’t even thought of yet. Everybody is learning here, welcome to the best forum for learning as much as you want about growing.


As far as a mentor….I’d start a new post and title something like the following

“Mentor Request - 1st Grow”

Then in the body I’d restate you are looking too have someone mentor you through your first grow.

Tell us what medium you wanna use, (soil, hydro, coco+perlite etc). If you are gonna grow in a tent or outside. As much info as you can so the mentor knows he has the experience you need.

Sounds like you could use guidance on tool, tent, lighting etc. A good mentor or the other forum members will help.

Your best chance of a successful first grow is to get a good mentor and “do what they say” and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

As a novice, I recommend photos (not auto flower) and coco+perlite and Autopot watering system and last, Jacks for the fertilizer. It’s what I use and it’s simple. But you may want something different.

Good luck.


Many thanks!

Great advice here. Coco and Jack’s is easy peasy. Cheap too.


@CT33. Update plesse. How are things going?

Does anyone use Jack’s pure and simple nutrients with RO water? I am planning on using coco for the first time on my next grow and I’m using the water collected from my dehumidifier. I will still have enough of the nutrients left for at least 1 more grow. I’m curious if others have used these nutrients with coco and similar water and how everything worked?

Well…. I have two Bubblegum autos going. I’m in week 7 since sprouting. One plant is really tall without flowers yet and the other is super short with several buds growing.

I’m using coco, ILGM nutrients, and 18/6 lighting. Running into some yellowing and constant research on it has me overthinking everything so I’m just going to relax and see what happens. Make adjustments as I go.

Soil ph is between 6-7. Runoff is where is should be. Temps range between 69-79 and humidity is in 60’s for now.

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